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Hi All 

I am from Central Qld. Not many of us Victory owners up here. My bikes name is Jacki and she is a 2010 Jackpot. I bought her second hand in Brisbane about 1 1/2 years ago. I love this bike and everyone i know is sick of hearing about how great she is :)

I have just put on New RPW Thor exhaust, Llyodz Torque Tubes and Idle Air Valve and PCV. What a difference that makes :) 

I would love to hear about what everyone has done to their bikes. I have ordered a Timing Wheel and the next spend will probably be some cams down the track. 

I have started racing my bike this year and am keen for to the new challenge. So far she is loving it, she could do with a better rider though :) Would love to hear from anyone else that is racing. Would love to compare some notes and tips. 

I love riding this bike on the road also and would love to hear from anyone doing a ride in Qld or a big ride in other states.

Enough about me and Jacki , keen to hear from other Aussie Victory Owners.   

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Welcome Suzie, Jackpots are great bikes, Victory is a fantastic brand. It sounds like you have a good setup and the cams, timing wheel you'll have a great setup. I've never heard of anyone racing a Jackpot, sounds like a great race, what type of racing are you doing, what class is it, open cruisers?
I had a closer look at your profile pic, racing the quarter mile! What times are you getting?

Hi Wozz 

I'm racing in the Twin Class at our local track. The best 1/4 i have done so far is 13.086 ET 108.33 MPH is it my terrible 2.396 60ft that is letting me down. Once I get that down pat I am hoping for a Mid 12 ET.

My old man has run a 12.643ET 104.79 MPH on a 1.959 60ft. 

Do you race? What times are you getting ?

Sounds great, once I do some mods to the engine, fuel controller, air intake , dyno etc I'll take to down the quarter mile and see how it goes. At the moment I'm just racing around the country side. Good luck with it, Jackpots Rule!
Yes Jackpots do rule !
Keep me turned with you mods. Are you going to do a before and after run on the dyno ?
Yes I definelty want to see all the numbers and compare before and after.

Welcome to the forum Suzi / Jacki and it's nice to see you are loving that bike.


Ride Safe ( Not 2 Safe )


Hi Alan
Wow you have done some major changes to your bike. Looks good. Brave move painting the wheels , I think it goes well with the rest of the bikes theme. What's her name ?


Are u suggesting the bike looks like a girl ?

Ops Sorry if she isn't. But yes she does look like a girl. 

A very tough girl, if that helps at all :0

If she was human maybe she would look like this 

Hell Suzie,

Ur great for the Forum like a breath of fresh air.


If my bike looked like her i would be doing the 5000km service every night ( lmfao ).


Don't let the comment below get ur down.

You must know that when a bloke sits on the toilet for a long period of time spanking his monkey he gets a bit delirious'.




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