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Not sure if this has been mentioned and no I'm not kidding......recently passed and announced by the NSW Minister for Roads and Transport. If you have a head circumference of 62cm or greater and can provide a doctors certificate to prove it you can be exempted from wearing a helmet. Check the following link and part 4138 is where to find it.

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Hi Mate

Thanks I used to get the piss taken out of me for having a big head well who's laughing now :-)



mmm, so a few bucks with a plastic surgeon could get you a helmet exemption, bring back those '70's-'80's !!!

i'll stick with my helmet thanks!

Me too Chris , I ve got one mate with brain damage & a freind dead because of bad fitting helmet . Also had freinds come off & alive because of there helmets !!!!!!!!!!!

I still stand by

"Let those that ride decide"

Wearing a helmet/seatbelts should never have been made law.

Allowing government "our rulers" to dictate & encroach in our lives is the thin edge of the wedge.

We're far to legislated in this country dictatorship.

One day you'll be sorry we allowed them so much power over us.

I understood it differently. I don't think it says you don't need to wear a helmet, it just gives you the alternative of wearing an overseas helmet like a DOT or SNELL approved one. TBH I am wondering why this doesn't apply to all head sizes not just the bobbleheads around NSW. DOT and SNELL testing is just as rigorous (if not moreso) than AS1798 (or whatever number is is).

Helmet saved my life when I was younger riding out in the bush came off my bike mate was sitiing right behind me he had no where to go ran straight over my head I was knocked out for a while but when I came too here was my blue helmet with two tyre marks over the top of it if I had no helmet on might not be here today typing this.

the year 1976 went through the front screen of an oncoming car should be dead but for a shoei helmet I would be. I will keep mine on



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