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G'day guys,

A few weeks ago I bought a new Hardball. What a great bike. It won out over a Harley Breakout.

I can't find a single bad point with my hardball. The guys at Sydney Victory were great, I can't praise them enough.

The victory won out over the Harley because of bang for ya buck, it was that simple.

Don't get me wrong, I have a 2010 Harley and love it. I also have a ducati mh900e in my stable as well. But my Hardball is just better.

I have been a member of various bike groups (both in person and on the internet) for many years.

By now you're wondering why the word disappointed appears in my title.

What's with all the talk about the QLD anti bikie laws. It's taking over this website.

Don't get me wrong, I have my own strong opinions on this topic (I'm not airing them here or getting into a slanging match with anyone about them by the way).

I choose to take my own action in my own way.

There are a number of sites and organisations whose sole purpose is protesting these laws and advocating change.

Perhaps this is where this talk belongs. Either that or maybe create a specific topic area for this rather than general discussion.

I have seen this destroy a forum in the past because it took over.

I was hoping to learn more about Victory, tips, tech talk, product reviews, organised rides etc.

Is this a protest site or a general riders forum. I suggest - leave protests for the protest site and leave general talk for the forums.

That's just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.

Oh by the way, I don't reply to others opinions or views about my post here, I find it a bit petty.

A wise man once said, opinions are like arseholes - everyone's got one.

Lets keep riding and exchanging info on these great bikes.


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Well Said!!!

Welcome oppie, good to have you around..Cheers

thanks bill

Hmmm, What an interesting thread, full of negativity from start to finish and loosing sight of what the originator stated in the discussion scope: A wise man once said, opinions are like arseholes - everyone's got one". then the site has been off track for a long time.

Just an opinion that all, hope I haven't offended anyone, or needed approval to comment on a forum, hopefully the administrator will re-post the terms and conditions of usage so we all can reframe from the negativity or at least view what language, political view or religious gender we need to be.

Just my opinion that's all, no offence meant or intended

Bloody hell Colin ya killed the thread!
Not a word since your comment boring!
So with that I'm truly offended! :-)
:-) LOL

Shit, I truly apologise so I don't offend you and get kicked off, fuck man I am sorry!!!

I'll see you behind the shelter shed Colin well sort it out there!

Over a Beer or two!

Can ya talk about beer here? Oh shit! I'm gone!

Only if its lite ale and we don't mention the brand, hey do you know any thing about cats? I don't think cats is a subject that is forbidden yet.

Some pussy's are local, some are from interstate, some come from overseas, and still look great.

There are little pussy;s, big pussy's, some all warm and furry, some will scratch your eyes out and some just sit and lick each other. Love those cats.

You idiot! LOL



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