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G'day guys,

A few weeks ago I bought a new Hardball. What a great bike. It won out over a Harley Breakout.

I can't find a single bad point with my hardball. The guys at Sydney Victory were great, I can't praise them enough.

The victory won out over the Harley because of bang for ya buck, it was that simple.

Don't get me wrong, I have a 2010 Harley and love it. I also have a ducati mh900e in my stable as well. But my Hardball is just better.

I have been a member of various bike groups (both in person and on the internet) for many years.

By now you're wondering why the word disappointed appears in my title.

What's with all the talk about the QLD anti bikie laws. It's taking over this website.

Don't get me wrong, I have my own strong opinions on this topic (I'm not airing them here or getting into a slanging match with anyone about them by the way).

I choose to take my own action in my own way.

There are a number of sites and organisations whose sole purpose is protesting these laws and advocating change.

Perhaps this is where this talk belongs. Either that or maybe create a specific topic area for this rather than general discussion.

I have seen this destroy a forum in the past because it took over.

I was hoping to learn more about Victory, tips, tech talk, product reviews, organised rides etc.

Is this a protest site or a general riders forum. I suggest - leave protests for the protest site and leave general talk for the forums.

That's just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.

Oh by the way, I don't reply to others opinions or views about my post here, I find it a bit petty.

A wise man once said, opinions are like arseholes - everyone's got one.

Lets keep riding and exchanging info on these great bikes.


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Welcome , and well said ;-)

thanks phil, my Harley is a super glide custom. great bike but I have to say the hardball is turning out better. my all time favourite bike was my 1988 kwaka gpz900r that I bought new. wish I had kept it. Now to choose between the kwaka and my hardball, that's hard - I'de take both.

yeah talking about stuff that effects motorcycling should be best left off a motorcycle forum

how fucking ridiculous of any self serving cunt to think otherwise

there are motorcyclists, then theres the ones that just happen have a motorcycle

enjoy your new toy

Blackie, it's dickheads like you that have already caused people to not partake in the forum. From some accounts you're apparently an alright bloke, but it's bullshit posts like this that make people lose any modicum of respect without even meeting you.

Your need to stand up and shout in an online room does not make you a better person, it makes you a low life bully. Online forums and group pages especially ones such as this, are here to allow people to connect, exchange ideas, and of course enter into discussion.

Now, if by some stroke of schizophrenia you didn't mean to openly and deliberately insult another forum member, then I am sure we all await you apology with baited breath.

If on the other hand, you have gone out of your way to deliberately attack, insult or provoke another member then you truly are a bully who has no place on this forum and I will gladly be asking the site mods to have you banned.

If you need to have a site to make yourself feel better, then go and create it and then you can be the only one who's reads your crap.

Happy to discuss in person at the rally.

Well said Rick

Sure there are other sites, this topic is relevant and I'm sure an interest to everyone here, I don't mind it being posted on here, one discussion is enough not twenty separate discussions, it goes back to the top anyway, members can then chose to read that topic or not.

And well said Rick, we call each other cunts all the time as mates, the context in which it us used is the difference, we need to have a respect for each other in this online forum and when people make a brief comment don't over analyse it and it's just their opinion.

Could'nt agree more with you. Good on you for saying what a lot of people are probably thinking. You don't deserve to be abused. Enjoy your bike...cos in the end thats what its all about !  By the way check out as an alternative if you are after a library of information on the brand.

thanks mate, aahh water off a ducks back, just checked out thevmc. great site. This has answered many of my questions, especially engine mods to increase torque.



and if all this info is just to much to digest or proves a burden for your selves, I could not give a fuck about your feelings, I care more for this country than individuals fragility


Welcome to the group..agree with your views..

Another site USA based is

lots of knowledgeable folk on most issues



Thanks, derek, I'll check that site out as well.



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