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My company just launched our newest products, "Grenades" They're supper bright led array replacements for the internals of the stock Vegas, Kingpin, Hammer, and Vegas bikes. Not only do these make my black lenses light up bright red or amber, but they increase the viewing angle so you're more visible to cagers at intersections! 80 bucks a pair and more pictures can be seen at

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Sorry, thought I posted this in the items for sale/wanted forum...


What's the cost to ship them to Australia?
No extra charge! But, it will take a few extra days to get there. 2-3 business days in U.S., 5-6 business days worldwide...

Bob, i'm used to 2 to 3 weeks from the States usually but did get my Chrome side stand in under a week which i thought was very quick.


I usually ship USPS Priority. Here in the states they're real good about the 2-3 bus day. I haven't shipped anything to Australia (yet!) but that's what the post office tells me, 5-6 business days...
How are you addressing quick flash rates due to minimal load from LED's? Do you have a flasher module or load equalizer? They are available elsewhere for under $10, but are not necessarily compatible with Victory's self-cancelling signals. Any thoughts?


We manufacture our own load equalizer. At 15 dollars it may cost a couple bucks more than others, but it's incased in aluminum to dissipate heat and is designed to work with our bikes system. You can see them on our wesite, plus an installation tutorial at Thannks,

Bob Power

Looks great.  I have MBW's rear turn signals - will your load equalizer work with them as well?  Will it work with any/all combinations of LED's



Yes, it will work with every led set up I've seen so far. I suppose someone somewhere has probably strung together enough led's to create a load great enough so as to not need one, but I haven't seen or heard of it. Whether the signal has a single or many led's, it still creates a very low load. Our equalizer basically takes that load and turns around and sends the correct load to the ACM. So PMP parts, MBW parts, J&P parts...will all work properly.

Excellent.  I just bought one.  Thanks!



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