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So I picked up a 2000 V92sc and was living the dream. Had some issues with it cutting out and was told to replace the TPS so I did that. Then I followed Rylan Voss's technique for calibrating the TPS. I seem to be close but can't get it. The bike will start but I have to keep the throttle open to about 1/8th which makes it to about 1500rpm or it will stall. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've also ordered a PMRT chip as well to see if that will help.

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Can you check for vacuum leaks ?? If the bike is running on a steady RPM then spray some carb cleaner or WD40 on the throttle body if the RPM goes up then you have a leak in your tubing or throttle body

Spark plugs old or new ?
Spark wires still OK ?
Fuel pressure tester ( can rent one ? ) Due to fuel pump or fuel filter
I can't get the bike to run at a steady RPM that's half my issue.
Could well be a cracked rubber ...
Finally got it all sorted out. My TPS was still way out of whack. Got it done today
That's good news, how did the TPS get "out" and did the dealer fix it with the digital wrench?? I read in the web that you can set it yourself with a multimeter in Ohm ...

I ride a 06 Victory Kingpin; have set more than 20k miles on it devoid of any issues. As I would see it is best bike I have possessed, and pass on the best execution cruisers and professional bicycles out and someone to do my homework

pay someone to do my homework



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