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I have no idea if im shooting from the hip, But is anyone annoyed that (A) USA prices are so much cheaper, (B) Victory never tell you about new models and

(C) The new highball has a small black round headlight ( which i think is way better) and not that i agree with it but now has ugly ass judge wheels on it. So instead of looking like a retro bobber it looks like a metric cruiser.....

I think the only way to be happy is to not be jealous like me and possibly make your own bike so awesome that the new model aint that good compared..


The young buck who is slightly pissed off that Victory charge $800 for a headlight yet now the bike is being released with the correct light it should of had in the first place.


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When I first got mine I thought a BIG black headlight would be the go. The spokes should stay but there may have been some problems with them.

What do you mean there may be some problems with them?  I think people will not warm to the judge wheels



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