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I have no idea if im shooting from the hip, But is anyone annoyed that (A) USA prices are so much cheaper, (B) Victory never tell you about new models and

(C) The new highball has a small black round headlight ( which i think is way better) and not that i agree with it but now has ugly ass judge wheels on it. So instead of looking like a retro bobber it looks like a metric cruiser.....

I think the only way to be happy is to not be jealous like me and possibly make your own bike so awesome that the new model aint that good compared..


The young buck who is slightly pissed off that Victory charge $800 for a headlight yet now the bike is being released with the correct light it should of had in the first place.


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actually dude I have no idea who makes the X-bow sweeps,still have to get mapping changed but fuck yeh sounds awesome(no baffles but ay)ive also put in a k&n filter so she pulling gd as is,mapping done should hall ass,as for the rims,,,bummer,,,,love me spokes,,,headlight looks gd,,ps,the std tyres are ABSOLUTE CRAP iN THE WET,,so watch it first rainy road day,ive put on Avon cobras and ive heard the metzlers gd,,,as for USA cheaper,different ADRs mate,and yes 90% of everything ya buy will be cheaper stateside even after postage,,just remember tho it may not look as gd as it does in a photo shoot,at work,enjoy the hi-ball dude,as they say,,,HIGHBALLS RULE

Fuck yeah, thanks for the advice. I might have to take care in the rain. I need a new exhaust but i need to save for a bit and get one of someone on here. Highballs do rule, cant wait till summer. or atleast more sunny days

Don't like those wheels on it......what are they thinkin.....and I really don't like that headlight......Vs are modern retros, not Hog look alikes......I reckon anyway.

like the headlight

like the wheels ..... on the judge but not the highball,

but hey, still redhot value

Yep, good points JP........
Check out the vic US site, black with red flame high ball, judge headlight (which i personaly think suits the highball nicely and spoke wheels, Very nice, hopefully it makes the aus line up

Now that I like....except for the headlight.....

I can see the new highball headlight being bought by the earlier model owners but not the wheels.

In don't mind the flamed Hi-B either.

I think the flames will be a massive gain in highball sales as it gives riders a second option. The headlight is awesome in my opinion, but the jusge wheels need to remain on the judge

As it's mean't to be a Bobber then the headlight does suit it.


It gives another dimension to the first headlight as the first model was the same as Vegas, 8 ball, etc

and now it's finally has it's own identity.

But i am sure the argument will go on as were all individuals with our own opinions.

I just wished they gave it a Bobber Arse end and it would look quite kewl.



I wish it had a better rear fender too Alan, but im a stickler

I almost got a highball, because I love this style

Would be cheapish to do to.....



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