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Hi Guys,

I just bought a Highball 2012, I dont want to pay The Victory Shop for a set of pipes as i have heard they are very average.

I am looking for either Bassani or Ground Pounders.

Has anyone purchased these and fit them to a highball?

All the site i go to the Highball doesnt have many options, Surely most Vics are the same exhausts.

Also anyone wanna give me some advice on Air filter upgrade and also if the "Chip" is needed for when you upgrade an exhaust?

Cheers Guys

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Go for it. As long as they fit your bike im happy or you,

If John is selling and you need some then snap em up.

Hi John, I may be interested if the price is right, but chrome was my second choice, I'm not sure if hammer will fit but when next month comes around you'll be the first I think of, cheers John
Hi champ I've got freedom swepts on my Vegas the victory shop don't sell them anymore as they mow do there own swept version the freedom are louder shorter and look better

Freedom swept pipes in Black is what i need. Louder the better.... I will see how loud i can get this trumpet then i might try to get a set of one of the boys on here

There not too loud only just enough to give you a headache in the tunnel at 3000 rpm
And I got the black ones on mine

Mine is 2012 Highball. Im sure i can make them fit

I've got the 2012 Vegas so they must fit
Luke, try Rollies Speed shop in Brisvegas for freedom pipes. The other option is eBay out of the US, trust me if you shop hard you can get a great deal. But try via the US eBay site.

Hey Rick, I spoke to brian at rollies. He said 760 for black . I might get them from him.. Just trying to keep spending on the downlo so the misses doesnt whinge. Were organising our wedding ATM and they are all crazy when it comes to that stuff.

Cheers for the pointers though.

Thanks Rick...

Too easy mate, yeah mate understand the missus not seeing what your spending, got caught today, doh, had almost just finished un packing some eBay gear today, got the stuff away but boxes were still out when she got home, Doh!



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