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Hi Guys,

I just bought a Highball 2012, I dont want to pay The Victory Shop for a set of pipes as i have heard they are very average.

I am looking for either Bassani or Ground Pounders.

Has anyone purchased these and fit them to a highball?

All the site i go to the Highball doesnt have many options, Surely most Vics are the same exhausts.

Also anyone wanna give me some advice on Air filter upgrade and also if the "Chip" is needed for when you upgrade an exhaust?

Cheers Guys

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mate if it fits vegas it fits high ball air filter k&n see backey Australia on this site he has air filters cheap

Awesome, ill be buying a new pipe, I did think vegas fit highball as a few sites do state that.  Backey? I see Blakey

hiya Luke, I had a special buy on a few of them man but out of them now, the guys here scooped them up.

It looks like James maybe able to help, check your inbox mate.

cheers blackey

Is it a certain type of filter? I have heard there metal and not paper. Am i correct?

Ill take a look at what i have and ill see if i need an upgrade, Thanks for the heads up Blackey Cheers

Check your inbox Luke.

Nothing there champ? My email inbox you mean?

Top right hand side of your page you'll see inbox with number 1 or 2 next to it to indicate how many messages you have

Nothing in it.  Kinda like my wallet after a rainy day in melbourne on Ebay buying things for the highball

I like your form, sorry cant explain why you don't have a message there when James seems to have sent you one

Luke I have a set of Bassani Pro-street turn outs in chrome that are a bit low on my Hammer, they should fit your Highball let me know if your interested ( they are loud I must say ).

Hi John,

Generous offer but they won't fit his highball.


The rear pipe comes out further on a Hammer / Jackpot so it can get around the front sprocket cover as it is further out than a highball / Vegas due to the rear wheel on the Hammer / Jackpot being a 250mm.

The exhaust bracket setup are different to.

BUT, I am thinking about them for my set up ( lol ).



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