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Looking to fit loydz torque tubes to my boardwalk does anybody have any feedback on performance improvement ?, currently running K & N in standard airbox. just trying to justify the $$$  to purchase and fit. 

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Check the dyno graph's ,  they say it all .

cheers Rob .

Thanks mate the results certainly look impressive

yes mateie,if you look inside yor air box with a torch you will see two tubes,one shorter than the other,get some truck size radiator tube cut to size,one end over the front of the short tube,and up hard against the back of the filter get two 1/3/4 velositi tubes,ref efi australia sell them,cut a hole in your breather box coversso the end of your stacks fit in snugly,the come with a moumnting ring,which goes on the inside of your covers,check the gap between your forks on full lock so as not to hit them once installed,you can cut them down to fit,my mate spent the 1,000 bucks on the kit ..i didnt,and it goes just as hard as his does..

Thanks for the info, homemade cold air induction

well it works,my mate has the same year model as mine,he forked out the thousand i didnt,and mine is slitely faster,we both have the same dyno map,and the p c 5,i have put stainless covers over the stacks,and you can make a couple of rain socks for them out of a screaming eagle big sucker rain sock,it about 150 bucks for the rame tubes from efi australia,then your hose to fit over the short tube in the air box,a k&n filter of coarse,and youve saved 800 bucks....have fun..

Sounds good, what pipes are you running?

cobra headers,with aftermarket mufflers,ad just enough baffle for back preasure..check the picture on site..

hello again.if you have a pc5 fitted and you sort out you breathing,i quite happy to e/mail you the dyno map in mine,all you need is a lap top and the pc5 usb fitting and you can put that map in ,they took five hours on the dyno,now i have heaps more go as well as better fule consumpsion...just a thought!!!!

Thanks mate



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