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Hi Guys,

Does anyone know a site where to buy lowering links for a 2012 Highball?

And has anyone done it in there garage, and was it easy?

I wanna buy them and do it myself as i cant imagine changing a linkage with 2 bolts would be difficult

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I know that secretly you all want a Vegas LOW   ( LMFAO )


Hey Al,

I can change the linkages easily, even with the fact i dont have a bike stand, Ill wrestle it onto a milk crate or something backyard style. I have been told belt needs tighteneing . But i guess theres only one way to find out.

It's not tightening the belt that's the concern.

Just see if the belt is rubbing on the inside cover of the drive pulley cover and if it is then just take off the cover a give a little grind.

Good luck


This is how I secure my bike when it's up on a jack: need to put rear wheel up on two by six because my jack won't fit under engine when wheel is on floor.  A trick I learned from a Victory mechanic was using tie-downs from the handlebars to the wall on each side.  Bike cannot fall over this way.  Safety first.

Note: front tire is right up against the wall stud.



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