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I've recently lowered my Hammer 1.5 inches with the 'kits' purchased on the net. I noticed the bike scraped a coupla times over bumps but ignored it untill I kept blowing ignition fuses. It seems that the scraping had torn cabling to the rear lights and caused a dead short. Has anyone else had this problem and if not perhaps take this onboard if you are considering lowering.

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This is common with lowering links jackpots too, wireing loom needs to be re routed of the centre line of the inner rear guard the only fix, also ya tyre will be hitting the frame just under the seat and above the swing arm pivot point especially on big bumps and if your a big fella, the battery box on Jackpots can hit the pillion peg mount to not sure about a hammer? & also the drive belt where it enters the front pully cover can hit the cast ribs on the inside of it at the top meaning they have to be ground down for clearance, One fix- crank "up" ya shocker preload! This helps on normal roads but again any decent pothole and it will bottom out, and good luck with ya Kidneys they ride is a lot harder LOL !
Another answer is Air Ride suspension leave the standard link in it and lower the bike manually with the Air ride when you want it dropped and lift when riding those shit roads, expensive but an idear often used buy many especially wild custom Victorys, yer a lot if info but hope this helps!

Bloody hell. Ya gotta wonder. Ive been reading where guys want to lower it by 3 inches. What sort of problems can they expect. Thanks for your reply. Victory (Adelaide) have suggested to wind up the preload and thats what I'll do but ride seemed harsh before so we'll see where we end up? Looks like the misses had better go on a diet if we want to go 2 up??

Lowered mine when I first got it just don't carry anyone on the pillion scrapes the wiring under the guard

Gday all. Has anyone who lowered their bike, done anything to the front ride height?


Or buy a Vegas Low  : )





Funny that. I traded my Vegas Low (premium) for the Hammer.

Even Funnier,

Don't lower it   ( lmfao ).


Wouldn't hafta if me legs was longa. Dont know a good surgeon do ya?

Look at the photos I just posted
I had the links in once before but with my old tyre but with my new tyre it riped it apart in less than 2 k's and I had the wiring tucked up the middle of the fender
Hay Rick, ya didn't replace your standard 250 tyre and jam a 280 on the 250 rim? That'll do it every time mate, it Stetch's out the diameter of the tyre not good if its lowered, also a Metzler 250 has a bigger diameter curvature too! Which will do the same with a 2' lower link.
Ultimately the Melbourne and Sydney Victory stores are fully aware of the wireing clearance trouble when fitting lowering links they know what to do to help this "plenty of bikes with bugger'd looms" early on.
Its a bloody shame the buggers that sell these things on the Net DON'T let the purchaser what may happen and how to address it! Instead of 'give us you money here's the links good luck sucker!' This clearance problem was discover'd way back in 2009 when Victorys were first release here in Aus, not to mention well known in the USA it would be bloody handy to know before fitment and riding not to mention avoiding damage "bloody expensive" try pricing a replacement rear loom!
Anyway the bikes do look much better lower'd just handy to know how to do it right! I've done all the shit to my Jackpot after to 2' drop & it has a 300 rear and 10.5' Billet Rim done 7500 ks on the new rear end now and mostly hard riding, apart from the ocational bottom out on the inner frame and a very stiff preload "sore Kidneys" its awesome! I have my loom re done and sika flexed into the rear guard ridge spine, obviously without that plastic sheath cover on it, a bit of messing around & has to be done while the guards off the bike and then sort of permanent LOL ect, but it works and hasn't hit the tyre yet, there are other options mentions in a previous comment a few back from this, good luck!



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