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Has anyone out there got any experience with products from 

In particular their performance cams, vfc3 fuel controller, and intake upgrades.

I have heard the power commander is a better fuel controller. 


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Just don't take it to the Victory Dealership in Idaho Falls Idaho, they TOTALLY FU**ED UP BROTHER DOOMS JACKPOT. They broke a piston skirt when installing them , 1,800 miles later it was junk , rods hammering !! Took it back , they said they would make it right. 2weeks later they called and told him $4,000 and we can fix it ???? WTF ??!!!! We brought home a basket case ...... Called them back after we got all the boxes sorted , Heads , Jugs ! Camshafts missing .they said oh there at the machine shop We went back 300 mile trip because we thought ok we bought a used engine off of ebay from a wrecked 07 Jackpot and we could try to recoup some cash from the useable parts from the doomed engine. Still dont have the Lloyds Cams that he spent $500 on . The shop ACTION MOTORSPORTS IN IDAHO FALLS IDAHO U.S.A. TOTALLY FU**ing SUCKS !!! I want the world to know that their mechanics are an incompetent bunch of boobs , that i wouldnt pay to change a fuse !!! Lloydz has great parts just make sure of the shop installing them before you have the work done .

Thanks Big D

read the woes of brother doom. gotta hate pricks that screw your bike up. Hope those idiots are going to compensate for the damage.

I travel o the US regularly and as much as I'd like to get my hard ball serviced there, I haven't yet mastered the art of riding on water. besides, by the time I got back to Aus it'd be due for another service. 

Hoping my next trip will be to do a sturgis run during bike week. Seen some good package deals ie bike, accomm etc

Keep on ridin

Hard to go past a PCV and a good dynotune once yr mods are done.

Ive added the LLOYDZ timing wheel, easy to fit if yr handy with tools and follow the instructions, boosts bottom end nicely.

They know Victories and have answered all my emails promptly so good to deal with in my books.

If yr in OZ  then USPS is far cheaper than UPS


definately going the lloyds ATS. Already got the upgraded air filter. Slapped some better pipes on. Still trying to find out if PCV can manage fuel/NOS mixture as NOS will be fitted down the track.

If you get over Utah way give me a shout , would love to meet up and ride over to Sturgis with you . Sturgis has been on my ride list for the past couple of years just havent been able to go because of work. Summer is my make it or break it time of year, i drive truck for Granite Construction co. Main job is paving roads. Ive let the dispatcher know that there will be a couple of rides im GOING on come Hell or High water ! And as for Brother Doom we are taking that dealership to Small Claims Court . Ride safe and keep the shiny side up. Big D



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