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Has anyone out there got any experience with products from 

In particular their performance cams, vfc3 fuel controller, and intake upgrades.

I have heard the power commander is a better fuel controller. 


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Hi Oppie

contact me off this site  will tell you what I know

Cheers Bryan

thanks bryan, email sent


Oppie, it all depends what your after, my current setup is as of last month or two, cams, VFCIII, Lloydz Airbox and Big Honkers.

If you aren't fogging with Cams, then a VFC will be fine, however if you putting cams in then the last part of your upgrade puzzle should be the PC5 and a Dyno.

Having said that, if you won't put the Cams in, get the VFCIII and you can self tune, lots of good info out there, if you want to get it perfect, take it to Dynobike, they are Dorbek EJ Kits (electronic jet) kit specialist. Kevin X of Gainesville Polaris who is next to Lloyd probably the best Vic Mechanic out there swears by the VFC. Unlike common EJ Kits, Lloyd put thousands. F run time hours customise the base program specific for Vic Motors.

My VFCIII came out yesterday and Phil Tainton did PC5 install and Dyno due to needing more fine tune/control for the Cams.

To be honest, there are also many out there that say you don't need any of this and that the Victory's pretty greatly they way they are.

Thanks rick,

That info helps. I'm trying to compile all my info and see where it leads me. I really want to put nos down the throat of my hardball, but I want it done properly. I've already sorted clutch and piton upgrades but cams seem to be the way to go to boost torque.

I have this disease of not being able to leave a bike engine alone. I have run nos before and really liked the power gains for low buck investment. Now I want to learn the dark arts of cams better


Hi Oppie, not sure what kind of power gains you're after but I've bolted on a turbo and intercooler kit by Trask performance easy to install yourself and had a pcv installed and Dyno tuned, no engine mods at 8 psi boost for a total of 140hp 142tq, if you want more than 8 psi then the engine needs work. Not to sure about the nos kits but surely stock rod bolts would let go depending on the amount of nos I suppose, just some food for thought either way.

Thanks rob,

Yeah turbo's give good power. the only thing is they are expensive and obvious on the engine. I want my mods hidden. I have had nos on a bike before. The bloke that fitted it does drag cars. He said the biggest problem with nos is people with no idea trying to ram too much nos down the engines throat and wonder why it blows. Sort of like turbo's, too much boost and you'll encounter problems. 

I have ridden a turbo harley and holey shit did that thing go. 

thanks again for the info, if I could hide the turbo some how i'd look further into it.


Fair call, but good luck trying to find a spot to hide the nos bottle there's not much room to hide things on these bikes, I found it hard to hide my compressor for my air ride and that's a quarter of the size of a bottle. Going off memory there's a company called aero charge (I think that's there name ) they have a kit that's not so obvious that's pushing some good numbers. I'm interested in seeing which way you decide to go so keep us posted.

thanks rob, i'll check out aero charge. I'm planning on putting the bottles in the panniers on my hardball. The bottle warmers should also prevent any vibration. that way the bike still looks stock until I open the throttle,


Now you've got me thinking, thanks Rob haha.
It does look to bad.
No problem Wozz , the only thing that worries me about the particular kit is we're the air filter is located, might pick up way to much crap for my liking

My Brother Doom just had the 106 CU upgrade kit put on his 06 Vegas Jackpot , it is a screamer now , it was before just now its more of a screamer. He also put the Lloydz Torque tube intake on it . Great Products built for great bikes !!!

i am going to have a closer look at these lloyds products seems to be good



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