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This will be on my new years shopping list. From lloydz. fits 08 and later bikes.

Thanks Derek for suggesting

Found a heap of info on this. Everyone that has installed it raves about extra power and better fuel economy. They talk about the timing being retarded at factory to meet epa regs etc. Appears if you advance the timing +4 with this system it unlocks better potential from the engine.

This topic was under victory tech and performance section of the site.

Add a fuel controller and get even more benefits.

Now I'm prowling their forums with some great info on Lloyds VFC111 fuel controller versus the power commander 5.


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I have the pcv5 I looked everywhere for info on the lloyds one and found that even lloyds prefer the use of the pcv5 over there own product, if you want to do more to your bike later the pcv5 is better for upgraded cams and intake. Also I found the lloyds fuel controller can only be tuned to 1 cylinder where as the pcv can be tuned to 2 or more (that info cam from lloyds). I hope this helps

thanks rick, all the info seems to be heading that way.


Yep I'll be getting the wheel, cams, intake and the PC5. If the dyno doesn't reach similar to what others are getting then I'll maybe change the pipes.
Hey Oppie
Good posts mate- keep them up. I've been thinking of getting the Lloyd's adjustable timing system too- got the PC5, LLOYDS performance filter and cams, but what the hell- may as well give the ATS a go too. I don't think the Sydney shop has done any, so it'd be good to trial.

Kris, check out

They have a step by step instruction guide for the ATS with step by step pics as well. Is easier than doing an oil change.


Cool mate, thanks.



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