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Hi Guys

When i got my pin i ordered the saddlebags with quick release brackets, however the dealer fitted them with std brackets. I have a mustang touring seat & i noticed that the Victory catelog says that "stock passenger seat only" It may be a dumb question but does that mean the Quick release brackets wont work with the mustang seat.

It would be good to hear if anybody else has tried this as i cant find any diagrams/pics of where & how these brackets fit (a downloadbale schematic from victory might be good).

To me i cant see how the seat would interfere, though that dont mean anything.

Any comments appreciated



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I fitted after market bags from the US with the ghost brackets, they went on ok on my jackpot. The bags are bigger then the ones the store sells, but the clearence to the exhaust and pulley were fine.

hi moggy,

try send an email to mustang seats or easy brackets, they may have come across it before.

The Mustang seat is a little wider and longer than stock but I don't see how that would make for any problems working with quick release brackets for your saddlebags. The Mustang seat does get in the way of some of the luggage racks and the tour pack / trunk , but I believe work arounds have been made for that as well. The Victory Motorcycle Club [VMC] is a more active site for information and although not a free site it can normally prove to be well worth the small cost of belonging. Some of the information available could be priceless and some of it worthless to you and the other folks that live on the other side of the world from where Victories are built as the information could be a rare find for you and at the same time some of the products may be just totally unavailable to you.
Moggy i saw my first mustang seat at the victory store on thursday. Now i know what your talking about, it is alot bigger than the standard seat or comfort seat that i put on my jackpot.

Just to update this post.

I did get the Quick Release (or Ghost) brackets & apparently they had some problems fitting them in the shop, but did manage to get them fitted. With the custom mustang seat they cant really be called quick release. They are removable tho it does take a bit of stuffin around. That doesnt worry me though cos at least they can be removed to allow easier access for cleaning. The look pretty sharp (check out the pics) & i'm happy with them, though there's no way i'd be taking the bride away for extended periods cos she just cant pack that light. But hey I'll work on that or go by myself.

The Pin looks good with the extras put on Moggy. My bags are similiar, not enough room to put anything in. I'm looking at getting an extra bag to sit on the seat for long trips.



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