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To the guys that helped me with advice on the screen for my new Judge I thank you very much. Ordering one today :-)

Next step is to adjust front forks. Fully laden the forks sag a lot just sitting on the bike, leaving little travel especially on our poor roads (Melbourne Dandenongs) when cornering, where it is so easy to scrape pegs.

I have L & R saddle bags and sissy bar fitted. Riding solo (I weigh 90 kgs plus gear) I have adjusted the rear end to give correct ride height. But the front end is just too soft. I thought about adding say 20 or 25 mm spacers and a tad more fork oil. Has anyone done this? Am I on the right track with my intended fix?

I would appreciate any advice from fellow riders please. Thanks guys.

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some photos of JUDGEMENTAL... made my own sissy bar from harley parts....god forbid and pannier supports from some scrap metal i had lying around.. cost nothing cause im a cheap bastard and refuse to pay around two k for the vic stuff plus dont like their styling...

with my forks i put in spacers 20mm high and had then in for about 15000ks now improved the handling 100% keep up with my mates on xc and no slouch chasing my mates buell 1150cr

cheers bud keep the shiny side up...

Awesome. Thanks for the pics. Now I see and I agree I think I just need that low screen. More on that later.

I see you have the two into one Cobra exhaust. Did you get the whole package with the chip upgrade and larger air filter? Considering getting but backing off at the cost. Does it make that much difference?

Had a great ride up to top of Donna Buang today. Met another Judge rider (Axel, purchased his from Scott at Victory Melb) and guess what? Didn't get pulled over for "a check" at all today. In fact only saw to bike cops all day. Amazing.

Will post more later. On my way out to family stuff.

demo-- got everything as is at a song.... raped Sydney Vic in a deal.I fitted stainless steel screws all over the bike run iridium plugs, pirelli tires, ferodo pads and just fitted a barnett clutch (vic wanted 700 told em was exorbitant got barnett 200 delivered from states) ..

. yeah she goes good.....pipe works well i punched the baffle a little, plus fitted extra vent in air-box you can see it just below the tank at the front but mines a 2012 build- has smaller inlet into air-box than 2013/4 model.... can get k&n filters from the states cheap....comp flash shouldn't be much....

.prob should tell you that i have been bike mechanic for twenty odd years plus im harley factory trained  ( love tellin the harley boys that haha) so do all my own work thought it was qld cops had to watch out for...




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