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To the guys that helped me with advice on the screen for my new Judge I thank you very much. Ordering one today :-)

Next step is to adjust front forks. Fully laden the forks sag a lot just sitting on the bike, leaving little travel especially on our poor roads (Melbourne Dandenongs) when cornering, where it is so easy to scrape pegs.

I have L & R saddle bags and sissy bar fitted. Riding solo (I weigh 90 kgs plus gear) I have adjusted the rear end to give correct ride height. But the front end is just too soft. I thought about adding say 20 or 25 mm spacers and a tad more fork oil. Has anyone done this? Am I on the right track with my intended fix?

I would appreciate any advice from fellow riders please. Thanks guys.

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don't make it to hard as it'll tend to understeer and bump steer .  seek a  professional suspension tuner .

Eastern Big Twin


(03) 9720-2654 Bayswater Vic

Thank for your reply Robert. I will surely bear that in mind. Did the same to my last bike - Harley Sportster. 20 mm lift and 30 mls extra fork oil did wonders for that bike.

I may contact some of your recommended suppliers and see what they have to offer. Will of course post the outcome of what eventually gets done.

Friend of mine put these on his and seems happy with them.

Race Tech Gold Cartridge Emulators (for the forks)

Race Tech high performance fork springs (90kg/mm)

I live and ride in the Dandenongs  myself and notice my front end like to dance abit on some of the roads, might have to do abit of tuning myself .

Thanks for your response also. Again, I will post what I eventually do. I live in Emerald. Where abouts in the hills are you based? Also will post here what I do with the front end and how it works out.

I live in Belgrave Heights. You might talk to these guys they are in Emerald

Just a report on the front forks:

I had two spacers turned up from nylon. 10mm thick with 20mm hole in the middle. One each side plus 20mls fork oil each side has done wonders. Just that little extra preload and a tad more oil and the bike corners so much better on our local crappy roads and has lost a lot of being too soft.

Keep us posted  on the performance of your mod . 

20mm spacers wouldnt add oil may have probs with seals later..... must ring terry at race tech about those emulators tho... been looking for a way to grab an extra inch all round .. upside downies one day.make up sum custom triple trees dont wanna screw with the rake.. gonna cost but.

G'day Pauly B. The spacers were only 10mm and had 20mm hole on centre (like a thick washer). I added 20 mls fork oil. Worked well. Bike handles so much better on our local roads. None of that wandering around when cornering and hitting those undulations in the bitumen. Anyway for what it is worth I am really happy with it and still plenty of travel (more actually). Just firms up faster and doesn't have that really too soft feeling either.

Will post again in a month or so after a few more longer rides.

Steve H
G'day all. Update on the front forks. Absolutely happy with the mod I did. Much happier rider. Off to Tassie on 2nd Jan for 9 days with four mates doing a pretty much anti-clockwise run. Looking forward to it immensely.

Got some neoprene (chopped old stubby holders) to put in between bike and Tas ferry tie downs. Just tip for you all if travelling that way. Saves rubbing on frame and triple clamps.

Still wondering about the screen. I have actually removed it and the L & R brackets altogether. Just can't get rid of the buffeting at anything over 70-80 kph. It gets unbearable.

Anyone had dealings with Eagle Screens in WA? They reckon a low screen will be what I need. Otherwise anyone local in Melbourne that you can recommend please? Any advice would be appreciated. Otherwise I have a new mid screen sitting here doing nothing......

mate buy the hammer fly screen get some rubber strips to take up fork diameter difference piss easy fit 140 bucks post some photos tomorrow......

Cool mate. Look forward to the pics. Much appreciate your comments. I guess that what Victory riders do on this forum - help each other and swap ideas. But I do appreciate your input.

Off for a ride out to Marysville today. Beautiful sunshine. Now if the boys in blue would just stop pulling me over "for spot checks, just because we are targeting riders this weekend" I will be a much happier man.

Safe riding Pauly.



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