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Hi all,
im yet to buy a Victory but was wondering on why only two models have the inverted forks.
Correct me here if im wrong.
My understanding is they are a better performance setup.
Would like to know if anyone has them on the Jackpot with the larger front wheel?
Cheers in advance

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G'day Ashely, not heard of anyone putting inverted forks on a Jackpot but am sure its been done somewhere,  I have a Jackpot and not found the front forks to be a problem and mostly capable of doing what they are designed for. I have however thought about putting a Vision set of forks and front wheel on as they do have the twin brake set up. But to tell you the truth, the bike is well set up for what they are, and more than capable for most situations. My advice is to try all the bikes as they are all great machines and you wont be disappointed. I love my Jackpot and my next choice would be a Hardball, I just like the wind in your face riding. Good luck with it!




Hi Ashley

As jason has said the front forks on the jackpots are fine and suit the purpose of the bike, i had the same questions when i brought my first jackpot 5 years ago when Victory's were first released here in Australia and only a handful on the roads, fortunately these days we have a lot of long term owners to draw experience from as you have asked.

Hammers on the other hand have inverted forks with a little more focus on road handling & performance on the smaller steel frame models.

I have ridden both Jackpot & Hammers and apart from a little more ground clearance with the Hammers and a smaller more performance orientated front wheel both bikes handle exceptionally well- unless of course you own a Hammer in which case you will be told by them 'hammers handle better'' as with us Jackpot Nutters that clearly know jackpots are far superior!!!

Take advantage of test ride's the dealers offer Ashley and ride as many as you can ride a few back to back tell the dealer why you want to do this ill sure they will accommodate you and help, Victory's are Fantastic bike's all models you'll work out what one you want by doing this, good luck and see you on the road!!!

BTW i have a Vision as well "Mate" are they a great bikes also! unbelievable all rounder especially if you have a partner that rides with you a lot, having said this the Cross Country's are pretty bloody good too.

But Ultimately "JACKPOTS RULE"

Have fun finding your Victory ride & Good Luck! Tony

Well Ashley, it seems the Jackpot mafia have jumped into this so I'll have to reply. Firstly Tony are Jason are correct all the Victorys handle very well, but the inverted forks on the Hammer are slightly more more stable through the middle of bumpy corners but the difference is only small. Go ride them all and make up your mind which one suits you. By the way Hammers rule..

Was waiting for a bite Webby! Lol
He He He
Jackpot Mafia strikes again...

Dont worrry mate they all handle pretty good.  But get a judge and wave goodbye in the sunset.

Judge Rules



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