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Hey all,

I bought a set of aftermarket indicators for my 14 Highball

I fitted up the fronts with resistors and left the rear standard to test.
RHS front and rear worked perfectly however the LHS don't work at all, front or rear.

I noticed the LHS front has a reversed polarity connector on it after I tried to run it.
I'm guessing I've blown a fuse but the lighting fuse is still ok as it's the same fuse for all indicators and running lights and you can also hear the relay clicking
Is there an inline fuse or something I have missed that isn't in the fusebox?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Do you have a multimeter or vault meter? First thing to check would be to see if the wires running into the indicator itself are live and that the LEDs/bulbs haven't been damaged.

If you're getting a 12volt (or whaetever the voltage is reduced to) pulse with the indicator engaged then your problem is the LEDs/bulbs - which could have been blown form not being installed in the correct polarity. If you're getting a voltage through the wires, check to see it's the same as the functioning side - if there's a significant difference then something else may be amiss.

If you're not getting a voltage signal, then we start tracing it back through the system. The shop manual indicates it's the one fuse - which matches with what I rmemeber. If you have an inline fuse as part of the new indicators you'd know from the fuse holder in the wiring. 

The only other thng I'd check s that you're not double grounding it somehow - not sure how'd you'd pull that off, but always a possibility.

Let us know how you go!

Big Jon

Edit: I just re-read your post and bio. I'm guessing you knew/tried all of the above.

I'll have a hunt through the manual for the wiring loom, though I remember having a look at it to see about disabling the auto-indicators (worked it out but never carried thorugh with it - just got used to the bastards). While the indicators are routed through a handful of connectors, there was only one fuse - if it's similar to a three pin connector in hook up too - LHS N/GND RHS. So if you'd damaged it in someway I'd imagine none of it would work correctly. 

Thanks for the reply mate much appreciated.
Yeah if you have the wiring diagram handy that'd be great.
Did you get the service manual online? I was trying to get my hands on one but can't find one.
I'm thinking I may have blown the flasher, but it's strange the relay is clicking still.
As you said also the fusebox says the lighting fuse includes the horn and running light and all that i still working- weird!

Unfortunately the manual is 350Mb, otherwise I'd host it for you, but it'll take half a year to upload on my connection - I can't remember where I found it, some dark corner of the internet, I remember struggling to find it though. Having said that, here are the two pages from the 530 odd that contain the turn signal wiring map...

It's the 2012 Vegas/Kingpin/Jackpot manual, but I have a '14 HB and haven't noticed any differences yet. 

If the relay's still ticking it sounds like it's still getting voltage. Out of intetest, what happens when you just wire up the old flashers? Might be a really easy, quick check while holding on to them. I'm assuming they were just supposed to connect to the exisiting connections off the loom?

I put both original indicators back on and neither worked which is why I'm worried the ACM is cooked now.
Yeah the new indicators connect to the original wiring with a resistor for each to slow the flicker rate. The RHS works fine and I wired the LHS to that side to check it wasn't a faulty new indicator and they worked fine wired to the right side.
Thanks for the diagram

I'd think if you'd fried the input pin on the ECM it would be more than just the inidcator not working... given the circut hooks into a lot more - I could be very wrong, I would just expect to see a larger array of issues, such as neither side indicators/horn/HL/BL etc.

I'm just wondering fi there is a grounding issue, are there new mounts? Is grounding occuring with the mount at all? I'm clutching at straws without looking at it and I'm far from an auto elec - were you able to get any sort of a read with a multi/vault meter?

My meter can't get a reading with the relay clicking too quickly.
I did a continuity test and I'm picking up a ground on both wires of front and rear.
I wired them to the working side again to check and they ran fine so no polarity issue.
They come with metal fork mounts so there is a ground through them, so I tried only connecting positive and using the fork clamp as ground but that did F*k all too.
Checked the fuse again thinking there's a dead short but it was fine and the relay is ok, although it's clicking as though there's no load on it which I just don't get it

Sounds like it's narrowed down a little. We know you're groudning properly and the indcators themselves work - it's a start. So did the audible continutiy test sound when for a brief second with the indicator engaged? Beep, Beep, Beep would be a plesent sound right about now I bet.

My next point would be the relay. Reverse poll throgh a relay could theoretucally damage it. Might be worth swapping out with an equivlant (not 100% but check the primary light relay)

Having siad that I've been flipping through the manual some more - the attached may be worth a shot.

Thanks mate appreciate your help a lot I owe you a beer.
I swapped the engine relay with the light etc relay and did the same thing- that being said the original relay must be ok cos no issues with fuel pump engine starting etc.
Gonna have to speak to Ben at Vic tomorrow I think see what he reckons- I just don't get the ground on both wires, can't be a wiring short cause the fuse hasn't blown

Not a problem mate, that's what these forums are for!

I'm just sorry you couldn't get it going, it's really hard sitting on the couch trying to think about it, still not as frustrating as being in your shoes though.

Would love to know if you find out what it is, has me intrigued now. Fingers crossed it's simple and a real no brainer that we just missed.



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