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Pre delivery of my bike from shop was fantastic, Big thanks to Jamie and guys in workshop.
My bike was well presented in perfect condition by Indian Melbourne.
A few extras were not on the the bike but will be fitted in January

Rode the bike home that day and it was over 35 that day and did notice bit of heat between the legs, but you get that on most bikes in the extreme heat, My Ducati was 10 x worse, on Mild days the Indian heat wise is perfect.

My next ride i got stuck in the worst weather ever, hail you name it, bike was fine, brakes were fine and yopu feel confident you are going to stop, ABS works great, give that ia little test, and the screen gave plenty of protection

This is the first bike i have had with the screen attached to the front end, and i have noticed how good the buffeting is, My vision pushes air on to my back at speed where as this does not, very happy with all aspects of the wind, out of all my bikes- Vision,Ducati,Bmw Adventure,this bike is without doubt the best for buffeting, for the average height bloke will be fine.

ego's are great, i would easy click up 1200km + on this in a day, the running boards are a little higher than the vision, if they were lower it would just scrape all the time and wear my tassles out
and i cant have that.

well i dont have to say anything about how good they look, just fantastic.
they do have a bit of a tic tic through the range.
I like the way they idle down to 750rpm just nice
Power: Not as much as a Victory! , i run with Trev Day at WOT and we were pretty close
but i think my Hammer would pull away.
Air cleaner Mods and Exhaust Mods are Pretty easy to do for free and im pretty happy with the sound i got by doing that.
The seat and ride are fantastic,bottomed out on some big bumps on crap roads but to be expected, Vision still wins with suspension.
Overall im very happy with My new Indian and looking forward to putting some miles on it.

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