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A Note from the Webmasters

We noticed that a lot of people have this page bookmarked and may not have seen the post on the front page about this important information. We have received very little input from the community and wanted to make sure as many people as possible are aware of upcoming changes. You have have all received this via email as well.

First THANK YOU! to all those who have used and supported the Victory-Riders Network here on the Ning Social platform. Due to a recent rate increase (150%.. yes you read that correctly) Ning is no longer a cost effective option for our little club. However EVERY attempt will be made to move everything to a new host.

In light of finding a new home, if you would take a moment to tell us your favorite feature here on Ning, or a feature you would like to see, please let us know. We'll try to incorporate the most used and requested features into the new platform.

Additionally, we are considering combining all of the model specific Riders Sites into a more social environment and would really like to hear your suggestions for features. It has not gone un-noticed that the majority of members on the this Ning platform are from Australia and New Zealand and very few from here use the Victory Riders forums. If there is a particular feature or aspect that has kept you from the forums sites, or kept you on Ning, let us know. We encourage you to check out the Victory Riders sites. While the most popular is the site, it is integrated with, www.Vegas-Riders,com , and .

Finally, In an effort to assist, please ensure you have backup copies of any photo or video from Ning so you can upload it to the new site if necessary. If you do have backup, deleting photo's or video content that you no longer wish to host here would make it easier for us to migrate to the new site. Again, every attempt will be made to move all content to the new site wherever it may be and as we have to move anyway, we really want to hear your suggestions and comments, what you do and don't like about the current offering so we can hopefully not just move, but also improve.

Please email us at or just post below any suggestions or comments.

The Victory Riders Network Team
Jeff Martini
Miles-Kevin Baron

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