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Have to share this with the brethren
Today I decided to make the most of Melbourne's weather and took off on my HB for the day. Ended up on the Hume bypass heading back towards Greensborough. MSN I swear the more k's I put on the better she guess.. I was cruising on 110 -120 k's when I noticed a couple of full on customs closing in.. They got parallel to me, looked and twisted the neck, and took off bouncing down the road on their custom sit shocks... Mate these things were nice! S@S donks, stretched to the shit house, 100 coats of paint, show machines. I thought f@#k this and ttwisted my grip.. I blew em without effort.. Looked down at the speedo and was pulling hard from 170.. Then it was on.. Man my Vic from 120 k's + ate them up all whilst sitting nice and comfy though the apes start to decapitate you at 150.. I bought this bike last summer after being blown away by a Vic on my Harley. I got pissed off, went home, did research, went to the dealer the next day, rode a Vic and traded the HD in that day for a HB.. I've been home for an hour and I still can't get my smile off my face.. There must be heaps of grouse stories out there from you long time Vic boys and girls!!! I'd love to hear them!! Vics rock..

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Just noticed some of my typos.. Sorry all.. That's what happens when you have fat fingers on a smart phone allowing the predictive txt to take over all whilst tripping out during an adrenaline rush...
Good stuff, I have noticed the same thing , got 6k on my boardwalk now seems the more Ks I put on It the better it goes
Too right Steve. How grouse.. Obviously a new engine needs to loosten up but having said that is more dramatic on my Vic than any new Harley I've owned (two)..

 welcome muzzy,

Glad you like your bike,

I, did about 500ks yesterday on some good roads and bad ones ,

I noticed that heathcote drags were on that must have been were you blew those Harleys away,lol.

Might catch up one on one of the rides in melb one day,

Enjoy your ride 

Cheers been.. Sounds like a plan mate.

Tried to blow off a Harley and a Diavel up some hills near Bairnsdale.  Didn't work.  We were two-up on a standard Vision though.  Some guys are fast and don't care, like a Goldwing two-up which we couldn't keep up with on the way to Swifts Creek. There are some ex-racers you will never keep up with out there so just ride safe.   

Always rod.. I bet if you had of bounced the rev limiter a bit you would have eaten the Harley lol.. He would have been... Those diavels are are differently animal altogether.. As long as you had fun brother.. The guys that ride the hardest are always those on their mates bikes..



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