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Ho bros and hoes

Picked up my first V today- Hammer S in Orange/Black stripe. I've always been a big fan of them and had my eye on them for about 5 years. I had a Buell Lightning a few years back, which I loved, and that was my first venture into something remotely cruiser-ish (been on sports bikes).

I saw there is a ride to Waragambah dam on Sunday- not sure if I will quite make that one but I will the next ride for sure.

BTW- do I say this in discussions or in blogs? What's the diff?

Look forward to seeing ya'll on the streets! :-)

Incidentally this arvo after picking her up I rode from lower north shore to Palm Beach and on the way back I saw a High Ball at a fish and chip shop in Roseville- sweet!!

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Welcome aboard Kris.

Good to hear after 5 yrs you've moved up to Victory. Hope you have as much enjoyment as others here.

Upto 2yrs ago I was baggin the f#^k out of them until I rode one but I have 2 now and one is my 3rd.

Cheers catch you around.

Haha....thanks Blackey.
Hey chris welcome to the club own a hammer 8 ball had it 12 months shits all over a Harley looks better too I hope you enjoy your victory as much as I've have enjoyed mine . Good luck mate
Thanks Rod. Look forward to seeing you on the road :-)

G'day Kris,

I live ten minutes away from where your photos were taken in Sth Palmie. The Hammer is a great choice and the "S" is even better. See you on the road mate,


Hey James

You lucky fxxxr! It's like being on holidays up there :-)   We're in Cremorne.

You still selling your ground pounders? I would love those....not sure the wife, kids, cats, or neighbours would tho....

We should organise a Sydney hook up.

cheers mate.

Welcome aboard Kris

Thanks Paul. Awesome looking Hammer you got there.



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