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My first post had me buying the Judge having never ridden a cruiser. I have now done 500 k's and I have to say that I seriously love this bike. It is so easy to ride through traffic and so relaxing (after a diet of racing potent sports bike's) that it is nice and cruisy until you can reach the fun bits and then it is pure joy. Up to 120 kph it is totally manageable with some serious grunt that leaves you in one gear and a throttle. I am already so used to it now that today I did a swappy with my brother-in-laws Buell 1125R and it was a challenge to not only find the footpegs but to even use the minimalist gear lever. Mind you, the Buell left the Judge like it was standing still and at 180 kph it was just approaching the powerband but I have to say I was happy to get back on the Judge! For real world riding (and a good chance my license and money will stay in my pocket) the Victory is a class act. My aim now is to finish running it in, have it's first service and then take it out to a ride day at Eastern Creek. I reckon it could be good for a sub 2 minute lap time (on the original layout) if I sacrifice some footpeg so I will keep you posted. I suggested to my BEARS racing club mates that we should add a Cruiser class to BEAR's racing but so far I have only got laughs. If I can go sub 2 minutes then the smiles might start to slip I reckon! Overall, the Judge is serious fun. Road bumps seem to transfer straight up your spine though (even with the progressive shock) so I plan to see if I can get a bit more give with the rear preload but maybe slowing down a bit might help too. It's hard to get the go fast mentality out of my head but I can now appreciate that the Victory is probably better fun at sane speeds. Verdict so far - a great bike, a great looker and excellent fun.   

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Know what you mean my 1st cruiser too- Vegas 8 ball, its nice to have that " No rush & enjoy the view" totally opposite to crutch hugger mentality Enjoy !

Welcome to the victory family chris I own a hammer 8 ball and I just love it been riding for 41 years and I really look forward to jumping on my hammer . Happy riding mate .

Good to hear the words of yet another convert.

Please clarify, that buell you were on .... simply MUST have been the later rotax engine, could not have been the prior hd1200 one .... right ??

Finally lost for words I see

G Day Chris. Pleased you're enjoying it....the fun never seems to stop with these bikes. If you want to organise a ride day I would love to come as I'm sure others would too... what do you reckon ?





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