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Hi All


After picking up my High-Ball three weeks ago I've clocked up 1600 and wanted to know what sort of killometers  others are getting to a tank of fuel?


I believe the engine should be pretty well bedded in and this works out to 17.33 k per liter


The High-Ball has a 17 liter tank and  I have taken it to 260k and the tank takes 15 liters

Question has anyone taken there tank to the max and what mileage are you getting?


Also what are your thoughts on the 1000 service due to the holiday period I have been unable to get the bike in for the first service at 1000. And as Murphy's law has it the bloody sun is out in full force.


Cheers Allan

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So when u talk about shell fuel being no good, is it the 98 octane (v power) or the regular unleaded? Or both?

Shell mate stay clear can't say why on here  but its your call 

Cheers Allan

19-20 kpl

been using caltex and bp 95

i was of the impresion that shell optimax at the time was only a prob on carby bikes ,could be wrong

We need to know the Shell secret!!!!



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