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Hi All


After picking up my High-Ball three weeks ago I've clocked up 1600 and wanted to know what sort of killometers  others are getting to a tank of fuel?


I believe the engine should be pretty well bedded in and this works out to 17.33 k per liter


The High-Ball has a 17 liter tank and  I have taken it to 260k and the tank takes 15 liters

Question has anyone taken there tank to the max and what mileage are you getting?


Also what are your thoughts on the 1000 service due to the holiday period I have been unable to get the bike in for the first service at 1000. And as Murphy's law has it the bloody sun is out in full force.


Cheers Allan

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It all depends how you ride.

I've been able to get upto around 300km on a good day. Usually my fuel light goes on by about 250km. I haven't run out of fuel yet, but the range with fuel light on seems pretty good.

The worst i've done is 150km before the light came on, but there was some pretty serious riding involved there, and i'm not the most aerodynamic shaped rider :)

I only run premium fuel too. That could make a difference

Yea mate never understand people that use anything but premium fuel.

It only costs me around $23 to fill it so why would I try and save $1-$2 LOL

You don't drink toilet water so why make your lady drink it.

Word of advise try to stay well clear of SHELL anything when we catch up I'll tell you why.

Cheers Allan

hi allen, i can get 300 before low fuel light comes on but that is riding fairly easy, average is 250 before light comes on.

i have the small block 100ci.

As for servicing change the oil and filter at the 1000k that gets ride of any casting or swarf and bedding in material.i changed mine at 50km yes 50km. changed it again at 4000km, 8000km ect. i agree about not using shell, fouls the plugs.

Well Brian I have gone past 50 k a wee bit lol.
Yes I will be changing the oil and filter every 4000 k
Cheers Allan

I average about 250 kays. I have gotten about 280 kays but my light was on and my fingers were

Yea mate I was side saddle when I reached 250 k and still 15 k till Bowral LOL

But Matt uses a litre of fuel on every downchange..... Lol...

I behaved myself Jase, didnt give it a rev until Lindz started in the tunnel. Then i couldn't help myself.

Hi Allen, I also have a large variance of fuel, from 150 when the fuel light came on to 220-250 ! I have squeezed 290 out of it, but was a little nervous about the next stop...
Word on the street is that the shell fuel is crap, I've only ever run premium or the BP blue one in mine, nearly 7000km since February & loving every moment of it....

Hi Jason

Thats a big variance and you must have had some back up plan to push it to 290.

My light comes on at about 230 so I have only ever been game to go another 30 .

Your 100% with the Shell fuel mate stay well clear of it.

Cheers Allan

Allan, i've done as little as 180 before light came on, but i've also done 250 and then another 70 after light came on. And you need to know that Jason's mileage includes the back tyre moving  while the bike stays still and a fairly rapid moving Jackpot.(lol)

Totally agree Webby !! lol



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