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I was at Sydney drags and spotted this bike, however I can not find it on your website.The guy came and did one run and left before I could ask him anything. This bike is loud and very fast and alot of people were talking after he left. I test rode a Victory a few months ago and was underwhelmed with the engine and the gear box felt sloppy. when I dropped the bike back I asked the mechanic and he said its just a Victory thing so I didnt buy one. Maybe I was wrong.   

Thank you to the guys that helped out with some information for my video on youtube.

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With a lot of overtime at work ;-)

thats jimbobs bike

should ask an owner abouty them not a shop mong,yes there are some stock bikes out there that may not feel nice,but mine is louder than that one now and goes like a cut cat too

The Victory is choked right down to meet american EPA regs.  Change the air intake, exhaust and advance the timing and no HD will stay with you.



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