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High pitched ringing sound. Are aliens trying to communicate?

High all, just after any advice or experiences with my issue at hand..

My HB has 2500km on the clock and runs like a dream however the other day I pulled up at the local woolies and could hear this high pitched ringing/droning sound!
At first I though it was my ears.. Sounds like the high pitched electrical sound you sometimes got from the old TV's..

Anyway I started the bike to head home and the noise was back and could be heard through 1st to 3rd all the way Home???

On further checking it is coming from the tank and is obviously the fuel pump...

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is it normal for the pump to get noisy after a couple of thousand k's??

I bloody hope not as it's driving me nuts not to mention giving me a headache!!

It didn't make this noise from new so I would have assumed it shouldn't do it now!

Besides the alien sound the bike is running fine..

As the bike is still pretty much new I doubt the fuel filter would be blocked and restricting the flow hence causing the pump to sing?? The vent tubes are clear as well..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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take it back to victory, if it is still under the 2 year warranty.

Thanks for responding Brian.

That's the plan.. I just hope that m not told the pump is in spec based on a pressure test.. Man the noise of terrible. Not that it's that loud but the high pitch it puts out is piercing my head..

i have a feeling i read some where that the was a recall on fuel pumps, any how, victory looks after it's customers preity well.

Yeah your Right Brian.. It related to pumps seizing without warning. My HB was not one that was recalled. I have booked in for next week so I'll see how I go. The guys at victory will look after no doubt. I'll post the outcome..

also have read some where on this forum about the vent tube blocking up might be something to look at

Thanks Bill.. Yeah that was the first thing I checked.. The tank is venting fine.. It's definitely the pump..
Had the HB checked and yes it is the fuel pump.. Tech said it was no different to any other bike he worked on.. I guess it's like the old electrical TV/PC monitor noise ( sounds exactly the same) ??? Some can hear it others can't.. I swear it was never there but my ears may just be getting sensitive in my old age lol.. Any who the boys at Vic looked after me as always.. At least I can rest assured that all is OK.. I'll just have to buy some ear plugs..

sounds like a cope out, try listing to a few other victory and do a comparison between them, unless you have super sensitve ears the pump should not be that load.

Cheers Brian.. I actually went back today.. They boys down at victory are grouse and changed the pump and filters over for new ones.. It sounded a tad quieter but to be honest there ain't much difference.. I think it's just me and my friggrn ears! I did a 250 km round trip today and man she went better than ever.. It seems like the more k's I put on the better she runs.. She goes to well to be a pump problem. Smooth acceleration through all the gears to 5000rpm. I just had to retrain my ear holes.. I'm going to call the noise my factory supercharger lol. I've had Harleys since I was 19 and the Vic is so much better in so many ways. I can't say enough for the bike and the way victory has looked after me! I did do a bt more research on some US sites and found several threads were people raised this issue.. I think your Right.. I just have sensitive ears. I bet if you listen hard enough you hear it but don't go there.. My pipes are stock with the baffles cut in half so she ain't to loud. If I yank them out I bet I won't hear anything. I eliminated all other possibilities ie. Venting, regulator, hoses and even the stator.. It was/ is the pump and I'm confident it's the norm beyond any doubts.. Ill have to get the Mrs to bash me around the ears some more and that will fix everything.

Ye i hear ye, once your tuned into it you will always hear it, then when your not expecting it, you will forget to listen for it and will never be a there again. yes they have a good crew in melbourne, i like going in just for the ride and to say ''hello'' O and buy something.

So true that... I love those bloody couches too, and the fresh coffee brew.. It's all good.. Feels like home lol

Point taken Phil... That's always another fact that might even be the reason I can hear the friggrn noise to begin with... My past Harleys were ear drum breakers lol.. I think I may have mild tinnitus lol.. On a side issue I love the apes on your Vegas... Looks bloody good..



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