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I am just wondering (and am presuming) that this may have been a topic? I was the founding member of BEARs Australia Motorcycle Racing Club Inc and am currently the Public officer. I got us affiliated with Motorcycling NSW and got us registered with Dept of Fair Trading as an association. As Public officer, I also do the annual reports to fair trading. I therefore have affair bit of experience at club forming and maintaining so is that of any use for fellow Victory owners? The forum is great but perhaps a more formal structure is the next thing for Victory Owners in Australia. BEARs is a national club and has been working for 25 years so the possibility is there if there are some souls who are prepared  for a bit of free graft on behalf of the Victory community. I am based in Sydney. Any thoughts? 

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Check out the groups Christopher plenty of discussion within the groups but realistically there hasn't been a formal group formed as such yet, it's all pretty casual. Rides organized by the riders, events the same, but no hierarchies added to any just keen Victory enthusiast putting em selves out there to include others of a similar interest and in most cases including other Brands if they wish "Possible Converts" He! He! They all get it eventually- The next major Event is the Australian Victory Rally February 1, 2014 in the snowy mountain region, see Groups front left on the VRN main Page, I'm guessing its only a matter of time and some sort of official group will form, join some Groups Chris their not closed house's & open to all and a great way to find out what's happening in your area and others with rides, events, news, banter, bullshit, abuse, etc etc its good stuff, by the way mate did you know Jackpots Rule! & Victory's Rock!

Wow - it does pay to click a few more buttons on a webpage. The truth is out there!. Still, a national group is only a few people away from reality. Ultimately it is the work of a few people that can help the many. BEAR's racing had plenty of people that raced BEARs bikes but only a club gave them all a National race series. Maybe because of racing I have a club mentality but perhaps Victory owners might be a bit more casual than that and certainly it seems so given the groups already in existence. I am happy to work though if we want to take it further. 

maybe you could call it...


(on a personal note, I reckon leagues clubs, rsl clubs, any/all etc are a bloody joke but go ahead

and ffs, avoid using those lame pretty embroidered lil' patches

and for what it's worth, from an ex-clubbie, avoid the word "chapter")



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