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Big question and a serious one . Have a mate that's just put some serious money into a street glide, are Harley engines that prone to shitting themselves tried to talk him into a cross country wouldn't have a bar of it, silly man .

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He's just another in the long line of brand/braindead fuckin idiots.

You informed him, the info is out there so fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

Go tell him "Sympathy" can be found in the Dictionary, it's located some where between "shit" & "syphilis". 

Have a nice day.

Inside every twin cam is a crankshaft that can vibrate your motor causing bearing wear, oil pump failure and so on here's the proof.

.....and ....

It would been nice if that had been tested and fixed prior to ..... oh wait, ..... Bill Gates was the inspiring founder of "Customer Beta testing" wasn't he and passed this idea to huckleberry for the hd sheeple to ignore.


Just one of the many bits of info you can Search/find on the Net Re H/D reliability

''Its all public knowledge''

Link below

After reading that I'm pleased I never bought that HD I was thinking about.....makes you realise how good the Victory motor is , just clocked over 40000k's trouble free on my Jackpot and it starting to feel like its run in at last !



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