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G'Day guys,

A few of you showed some interest in my decals on the Rally, so I thought I would post the link, this site is for their wet application laminated Decals, they also have un-laminated to be applied under a clear coat. You can buy them in three options; a Tank Set, Cruiser Set and a Bagger Set. The bagger set which has on average 14 high quality decals cost about $170 landed.

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Thanks Rick

Yeah thanks Rick for the link, I have ordered a set to try out before I go down the path of custom paint, this is a cheap alternative before I spend a couple of grand.
Correct Wozz, and if you like what you end up with and want to make it more pemanent, then re-order in the unlakinatd version, add a clear coat or two, and your done, happy days.

Yeah I saw the unlaminated ones, good option too. They print to order so you might be able to customise a set as well.



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