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Hi All  !!!


1st post here, so try and be kind !


I've now had my 2013 Hammer 8 Ball almost 4 weeks. Best. Bike. Ever.

I've put close to 3 k on the clock already :)


Which leads me to a few questions ....


Being ok with a spanner, I have decided to do the basic lube servicing myself .

Thoughts on Oil / Filter Brands and Combos ?

I K&N make a aftermarket one, but the service manager @ Vic Ashfield says I should use a factory one due to pressures etc etc ...

I think a good quality synthetic 20w40 would be the go for oil ...


Second question .... anyone had any experience with the Victory HID upgrades from ? Are they  worth it ? There is a shit load of roo's in Canberra and it would be nice to see them :)


Cheers all !




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Hi Roger,

Welcome to the club. Mate I run a K and N oil filter which is reliable, easy to clean and looks good albeit mostly out of view. I also use a Pro-One oil cooler which certainly looks good and allows more room at the engine front section for any kind of after market pipes you buy. I'll attach a photo of my bike so you can see it. The Victory bikes are really well made and these two mods are not necessary IMHO so I agree with the Vic shop. But they are functional and give your bike a different look. Your call. Once again welcome and keep up the addiction :-)


Roger Welcome

Stick with the Victory stuff just in case -Warranty hassles then once its out of warranty do it yourself. 

As for alternative oil filters, check out the Parts listing on ( There are several alternatives that work perfectly for Victory motors. I myself have used the Bosch 3323 ($6 US) on all my Victorys since 2000. 



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