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Gidday victory family this is chopper
listen guys not sure if you can help or not but i have organized a fund raising event for a fellow biker mate (Lurch) he was john eastley next door neighbor down here in Tasmania who and helped to arrange the first 2 tassie tiger tours.
Lurch has been diagnosed with motor neuron disease and i was hoping maybe you could donate some biker gear for us to auction off at this event i have attached our brochure to explain in a bit more detail thanks for your time guys hope all is well.
regards Chopper
if victory or friends can possible help don't hesitate to call me 0415579485

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear victory family

I am writing to ask for your support for a truly special friend Barry (Lurch) Pateman whom has just recently been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). Barry has a wife and two young children whom mean the world to him, but will never see them grow old, finish school, get married or just hold their hand or hug them when they feel sad. Many people are unaware that this disease attacks the body and healthy muscles eventually even speech and the simple act of breathing is impossible.
Motor Neuron Disease is a progressive degenerative disease that affects the muscular function. It is the selective death of motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, which leads to paralysis of voluntary muscles. These neurons provide instructions for the movement of those muscles we use to move, speak, swallow and breathe. Death is caused by respiratory failure, which typically occurs within 2-5 years of developing this debilitating condition. As the disease process advances, patients become reliant on others for assistance with activities of daily living. This is physically and emotionally demanding for families and carers and patients can experience feelings of guilt, frustration and hopelessness.
We are hoping to raise funds to purchase valuable equipment that will help to ease some of these feelings, and give Lurch the opportunity to spend as much time at home as he can with his wife and young family.
We are holding an Auction at the King of Burnie on Saturday the 8th of June, where we hope to raise over $10,000 dollars to purchase equipment to lift some of the financial pressure’s on Karen, and to ease these feelings of guilt and frustration caused by this debilitating disease.
Please help us by donating an item to Auction off to raise these much-needed funds; with your help and the help of our community we can make a difference to his life and the life of his family
I know we have all been through some tough financial times over the last year but every donation no matter how big or small will make a world of difference to Lurch and his family.

Thank you for your generosity and I hope we can count on you for a small donation.
Ian “Doddy” Dodd and John “Chopper” Mafrici

For contributions or information phone Doddy 0438 604 354
or Chopper 0415 579 485 email

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Me too...!!

Well done Chopper, great cause, I will see what we can send over for the auction, plus the other we spoke about, great to talk to you tonight.

Stay safe and will catch up soon.


Colin & Shan

Thats great guys the more support the better



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