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I got 240k`s before fuel light came on riding round Adelaide. I am riding to Medowie NSW thursday morning and planned for 300k`s total/tank. Is this about normal?

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Sounds about right Allen ! Its about the same as me when cruising ! Ya can do worse if ya really try !!!!!!! haha Trust me

Cheers Leon;

I did do a ton for the first time on it and did it easy! but I am a cruiser not a racer so 100-115 is real sweet for this bike.

Hi Allan,

I've just joined VRN. I own a High Ball as well - stock pipes, and seem to average 250-270kms around town and the hills. However on open roads I can generally plan for 300-320kms depending on terrain. I opted for the upgrade on my speedo which gives me lts/100, av.speed, time elapse etc. A good accessory to have - for the price (about $50 if I remember correctly).

Mate and I did a over nighter to Broken Hill, with the first fuel stop at Burra (slight tail wind) it said I averaged low 4s lts/100 and my refill actually reflected that. Different story once the wind changed though, I was up to mid 5s.But most times I'll allow for low 3s/tank on the open road.That speedo upgrade is worth while though, gives you a bit of extra knowledge when your out there.


Hey Chris,

Were did you get the upgrade speedo from m8 and do you have a pic.



Hi AL,

The Speedo upgrade I got through Victory Adelaide when I bought the beast. Basically it's your original speedo and you buy a CD? and the Victory dealer does a 'reflash' to unlock the extra features. Including - 2nd trip meter, Tacho (in the LCD),average fuel economy, instantaneous fuel economy, trip time and volt meter. Part No. 2878478.

Like I said I've found it pretty handy on bigger trips and it gives you a bit of reasurance.



Yeah Right Trevor... Hahaha you must be the fastest person on wheels for your genteel age...


I get over 400 km if I fill it roght to the top on the Cross Roads.



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