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Well I finally got my bike back on the road and have just done a 1450km ride through northern NSW and South East QLD. Lots of twisty roads and some great straights but I'm still finding the fuel economy is not that great. I have a 2012 Cross Country Tour, I had the top box off and was riding 1 up with a small bag of clothes and I weigh about 94kg. I fill the tank to the top of the silly neck thing which takes forever everytime I fill up. I had about 270km out of the tank and put in about 16.5L of fuel, next time 250km and put in 15.4L this was the norm for the trip. On my way home I stretched the tank and got 317km and the needle had stopped moving and the "low fuel" light was on. When I did fill up I put in 19.7L in. Now I work that out to be about 6.5L per 100km or 15.5km per litre, either way not the best. The computer tells me when I fill the tank that I have a range of 420km and I should be getting 20km per litre and I can't get anywhere near that.

Is anyone else having this type of fuel consumption ?

Is there any way of getting more km out of the bike ?

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Hi Gary, Thats what I would like to get, the best I have ever had is 320km and then I was nervous about running out. Apart from the stage one exhaust have you done any other mods ? I've now done 13,000km on mine and still not getting anywhere near that. I am hoping to get some custom pipes done next month so hopefully that will help the big girl breath a bit easier and give her a good note. I heading off again with friends over easter and they have Gold wings and ST's so they all get 400km plus out of a tank and they take the piss out of me every ime I fill up.

Cheers Aaron.

G'day Gary,
That is incredible mileage, I am not getting anything near that. As i mentioned, very low 300's. I fill up right to the very top, the fuel gauge doesn't move for 100ks, then you can almost watch it move down. I need to get a new module replaced (warranty), I don't know if that affects the gauge's movement, sometimes it can drop an 1/8 of a tank at a time.

With your xct, besides the pipes, did you get a power commander / fuel regulator or dyna tuned with re-mapping? Because whatever you have done, I am very interested in looking at it to improve fuel economy for long trips...Cheers.

PS. does the stage one pipes improve the sound of the bike, and does it affect listening to music (love that)?

G-day Bill,Aaron,

Yes I am amazed, at your fuel consumption, when I brought the bike, Tom from Sydney told me that the gauge will tell you about 410 kms when full, but it will be more like 380kms and I have found him to be spoton, at about 350 the low Fuel sign comes on and your on gess work from there, so I carried a 5lt jerry for another 35 and it took 20.5 lts to fill, So I thought that was normal for the bike, and i have been running on that assumsion ever sinse.

No other Mods, only stage pipes and the Mapping to the new pipes

My fuel gauge also does not move for about the first 150 kms, then drops to half.

Yes it does sound much better, not to loud, it does not sound like a 1700cc sewing machine an more.

Yes can hear the music fine.

A bit of a mistery with that fuel, what do Victory say about it?

Cheers Gary


 just fuell ed up after riding 320 ks 14 .2 l.tres range says 459 have done over 400 to a tank pipes air filter and i dont mind hitting the throttle

Here's how I see it.

Its like when I was a kid in the queue waiting to ride a roller coaster, I didn't stand there and analyse the cost of the ride per metre of enjoyment.

Never in my life has it ever concerned me how many klms/litre thingy whatever does it cost ride, when I fill my tank its just that, paying the entrance fee for me to enjoy another fuken great day in the saddle.

A bit of the hand / eye co-ordination by opening the tank cap has proven pretty reliable for decades. I'd say basic physics would dictate that a fuel gauge on a motorcycle tank can never be made by any manufacturer to be an instrument of accuracy.

Sure my bike's got all the dandy whiz bang gizmos but getting back to basics can be a wonderful thing, by not over complicating stuff really helps me enjoy the ride.

Just ride the fuka like ya stole it and seize the day not ya engine.

Back to my corner.

i agree petrol is the cheapest part of riding as long as there is enough in the tank to get to the next fuel stop the fun is in  between stopping for fuel  gauge is only a rough guide always carry siphon hose has helped a few times

Well said Blackey, who gives a shit how much it costs. Just get into it

Blackey ,

R U A fkn English teacher m8.

If your not then i swear you bldy should of been and i would of sent my kid to your school.


Absolute Poetry.



Advice taken, just got back from a 1400km ride, sunshine, clouds and pissing down rain so I didn't get to look at the gauge too much but I did bring the air pressure up in the tyres and it has made a big difference. Had done 290km stopped to fill up and only put 16L in so still had plenty to go. Did discover that I don't enjoy riding in heavy and I did learn DO NOT use seat warmer while raining as I poached my nuts while riding, not a good look. God damn I love my bike, I got it the 6th of December 2012 and have already hit 14500km.

Boyz you have nothing to worry about, while we were on the Tassie tour, filled the Jackpot in one town (17ltr tank) and fuel light came on at only 190 kays. Made it to the next town, 213 kays filled it up with 16.2 ltrs of fuel.

Might have something to do with chasing down a crazy Hammer rider...........

Matt that might do with the speeds you guys were doing ;) 

Filled up at Roma on the way back from the easter run. Trailer in tow. Filled up at Dalby 268km away with 16.1lt in the 17lt tank. thats 16.6km / lt with a trailer.

Did a run on Sundat to Canungra and up to Fernvale. 215km added 10.35lts thats 20.77km/lt 



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