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Well I finally got my bike back on the road and have just done a 1450km ride through northern NSW and South East QLD. Lots of twisty roads and some great straights but I'm still finding the fuel economy is not that great. I have a 2012 Cross Country Tour, I had the top box off and was riding 1 up with a small bag of clothes and I weigh about 94kg. I fill the tank to the top of the silly neck thing which takes forever everytime I fill up. I had about 270km out of the tank and put in about 16.5L of fuel, next time 250km and put in 15.4L this was the norm for the trip. On my way home I stretched the tank and got 317km and the needle had stopped moving and the "low fuel" light was on. When I did fill up I put in 19.7L in. Now I work that out to be about 6.5L per 100km or 15.5km per litre, either way not the best. The computer tells me when I fill the tank that I have a range of 420km and I should be getting 20km per litre and I can't get anywhere near that.

Is anyone else having this type of fuel consumption ?

Is there any way of getting more km out of the bike ?

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Aaron as Iwe discussed on Sunday, I get 300 to 350ks from my 17lt tank on the Kingpin. The engine has freed up over the 50,000ks of riding in the last 2 years.

Reasons I get this:

1. I get a regular service from Rollie's, every 4000ks Rob knows these bikes and get the best from them
2. I know my gearing. Run it around 2000 to 2250 on the tacho when touring.
3. Tire pressure must be right. 38 psi front 43 psi back.

Try these three things and your fuel economy will increase.

Thanks Daryl, I've only had the bike 4 months and already done 12,500km so I hope it starts to free up soon.I spoke toanother XCT owner at Mappleton on Sunday after I saw you and he has 18,000km on his and the best he has had out of a tank is 320km. Maybe becasue it's a heavier bike. Oh well in the mean time I just get to get off and on more reguarlly than the others so get to look at my bike more.

Cheers Aaron

I forgot to ask why do you get the bike serviced so often ? the manual says every 5000 miles which is 8000km

Get those K's up m8 and free the engine.

My bike was doing the same and now i'm getting 1.2 ltrs less than Darryl.


That might be because i'm a fat bastard compared to him lmfao.



That should of said 1.2 ltrs more than Darryl

Hi Alan, I'm doing my best after 4 months im at 12,500km alerady and loving it.

Cheers Aaron

My Vision is new , but my trip comp tells me i avg 21.5 kpl on the highway , and about 19.5 around town . I run 41/41 and get 25,000 out of a set of tyres . Cheers martyq.

Hi Matrin, trip computor says the same but it never gets what it says, when I fill up it says range of 420km but I can't get close to that. Hopefully I'll get a bit better when the new pipes go on. Are you going to Rockers tomorrow?

Cheers Aaron.

I have the same bike, and like Aaron only getting close to 300ks. I don't flog the bike and a little disappointed in the range I am getting... Bill

Hi Bill,

how many Km's do you have on yours?

just under 2000k's

Hi Aaron,

I have a 2012 xct, just clicked over 4,000 km's, and I am consistently getting 380 kms out of a tank, that is with myself and my wife on it. On friday filled up at Yass then across the Snowy Mts Hwy to Jyndabine 365 kms and the bike took 19.7 lts, i did not baby the machine I gave it a bit over the mountains.

So I find it strange that you guys are all saying that about the fuel consumption?

I have a stage one exhaust but other then that it is standard.


Regards Gary



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