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I just recently took delivery of a victory cross country flip up windshield from the states. Delivery was prompt and windshield arrived in Brisbane Australia safely, thanks. However on my first mid distance ride of about 400km it started cracking from the lower mounting bolts, as if I may have overtightened when installing (stress fractures). I believe this is not neccessarily the case and upon further inspection I have noted the thickness is about 1mm thinner than the original blade windshield and the plastic appears to be of a lower quality.

It is a shame Polaris can manufacture such a good and terrific machine, however the accessories, namely windshield is of poor quality, especially for Australian road conditions. I am now in the process of looking for a plastic fabricator to either repair the windshield or preferrably make me a new one by using this one as a mould and changing it's style a little to suit my requirements.

My question is has any one had any problems with this type of windshield and have any positive suggestions. Cheers.

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I've compared this Windshield to the Lock & Ride shield I have on the Kingpin and found it to be a lot thinner. My original thoughts were that it was a poor copy of what the Polaris shield. I latter found out that it is the Polaris shield.

Any one in Brisbane (or SQLD) knows of a good place to repair or replace the shield?


Hi Glen i had 2 repleced under warranty with cracks they last about 1000ks each of highway speeds this one has been good for about 4000ks i think it has more to do with srews having they right collar length so as to not put to much pressure on the windshield as they mount very close to curve in the the windshield.this last windshield that has lasted seems to have a bit of float not rigid as the other 2 regards
Thanks mate, makes me feel a little bit better and I'll see if they will cover a replacement, not sure, as I bought it through the States. I'll get onto the company I bought it through and see what happens, I went on a Ulysses ride today and looking at the various windshields on the many different types of bikes (20 in total) the flip up windshield that I reinstalled (after drilling a hole at the end of the "stress fractures" and then glueing) the plastic is of very low quality by looks and feel. One bloke on a cross country has a long windshield and it appears to be of better quality than this flip up. I'll try the warranty bit and also look to see if I can get someone in Brisbane to make me a w'screen using this as a mould. Cheers  



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