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Hi all,

After an accident where a truck hit my car 4 times from behind the subsequent (and ongoing) whiplash injury got uncomfortable riding the Hammer with standard bars so I figured the High Ball bars would lift my posture and be more comfortable.and bearable and I got a set fitted by the local Vic shop. Given I think the Hammer and Highball are pretty much the same basic bike (frame wise) I didn't think there would be a problem.


Unfortunately an overly zealous bloke from a certain area of NSWPol decided I looked like a quote unquote 'Bikie' so he pulled me over and decided to defect the bike due to the handle bars (and then eventually the MBW rear indicators).


My question is has anyone been questioned/defected on a Hammer with the same bars and has anyone with a High Ball been hassled about the bars.....theoretically from the way they threw measurements around it sounds like the High Ball is illegal with the higher bars too but obviously that can't be so.


I've got until Thursday 5.00pm to get it changed or approved so if anyone has any thoughts please let me know.


Cheers, Paul.

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The handle bars are not illegal and the police must tell you why he see's them being illegal as the measurements are way within the legal guidelines set by Aus bike standards / regulations.

The way of getting it through is to get a letter from Victory to state that the bars are on another model bike ( ie Highball ) with the same frame therefore complying and accepted by the Aus authorities.

I got pulled up by the police and was hit for 4 items while the bloke was smiling as he was writing out the ticket but he also knew Victory bikes and never brought up the highball bars.

Good luck




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