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Hi all, I'm a new member to the forum and to Victory. I have purchased a Highball and already added a wicked hand painted pin strip job to it. The problem I am having now is that I cant buy any black pipes for it. I am looking for a set of Shotgun or Dragway or X-bow, if anyone one has some they would like to sell or if anyone can put me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried my local dealer and they say that black pipes are no longer made, I have even sent about 10 emails to various companys in the states but had no luck.

Please help.

Thanks Dave

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chris muscroft has put up a picture with x road black pipes , try asking him.

Hi Dave, I got my black pipes from the Victory dealer here in Perth. Didn't seem to be any problem at all, had a choice chrome or black, thought black looked better contrast wise. They fitted them for me with a service.

I didn't look on line, it would be too hard a job for me on my own with a few basic tools and barely any mechanical knowledge.

How many Victory dealers are there in NSW? Must be more than one?

Have you thought about how chrome pipes would provide a contrast to the rest of the bike? And really highlight the pipes?

Any victory dealer should be able to help you Dave, also Rollies Speed shop has a great range of exhausts for victories,
As far as black pipes no longer available I don't believe that..... It's the new chrome, haha

i think i just found some in adelaide

Dave, I've got a set of black swept pipes in the garage I could sell you for two or three hundred bucks. The attached picture is the pipes before I put on some X-bows. They came with my Hammer when I bought it. They're pretty loud but nice sound. They would look pretty cool with black or tan heat wrap on them otherwise they get bloody hot when you're stuck in traffic. Check out what Victory UAE (Dubai) has done to a couple of Highballs, they look great in my opinion. Also google Thundercity, they're a mob in England who modify Victorys and Harleys, they've done a couple of Highballs that look great. Oh......and welcome to the site.

James 0419228523

P.s. If you're interested and want a look at them I live in Avalon (Sydneys Northern beaches) about 35 mins ride/drive from Hornsby.

Thanks so much for the offer. I have managed to track some down in Newcastle, x-bow in black. Thanks again.

Hi James , Do you still have those pipes for sale ?

gidday Dave,

I have not long bought a High Ball and got Shot Guns fitted in the store. They are black too, sweet sound guaranteed!

Try Darryl Hitchens  Italian Motorcycles Adelaide cnr. South and Grand Junction Roads. +61881629400 or

got a set 4 sale right here pal, black of course, victory dealer pipes, ridiculously loud, sitting on my bike, go to my pics, if ya like em, pm your ph# and well talk about how much ca$h I can tear from ya wallet, cheers

Hi All,  just wanted to let you all know that i have a set of black X-Bows being put on the bike this week, thanks everyone for all you help and replies. 

Also thanks for making me feel so welcomed into the forum.

Cheers Dave

Picked up my highball in Melbourne 2 weeks ago now, had it fitted with x-bows in black before I got there? No probs as far as stock goes there mate!.



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