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Hi guy's,

Can any one tell me what the exhaust db rating at ???RPM is, on a 106 Victory ( Vegas, Jackpot, etc ).

I believe you will find it on the battery cover under the main side cover.

Can you also tell me what year you have ?

Thanks in Advance


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on my crossroads 2012 it is 89db at 3600, it is on your manufatures compliance label stuck on the frame . in the case of steel frames i thick it is on front left tube.

Thx Brian,

Mine has 80db @ 2450 RPM.

Are there any more differences out there guy's.



my old bike 2010 cross roads,arlen ness big honkers Lloyd motorworks aircleaner and timing wheel ,fuel controller custom made straight cut tips checked last year ,125.7db @4800rpm

Hey Al, my old Jackpot punched out 133db........


Just what u need to wake the tea drinkers up on a early morning run ( haha )

Hey Alan

I got stung by the EPA last year- on their notice to me they state that the limit for my vehicle (hammer) is 92dB @ 2800rpm.

So I got the shop to swap my Freedom pipes (same as yours) with hammer standards and got passed. At a guess I would say my Freedoms (which are back on and have the RPW sports baffles) would be around 120-130db I reckon.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Kris,

It seems when I stated 80db @ 2450 RPM I was looking @ the Federal Law ( USA ) info on the battery cover.

At the top of this there is a white label that states 94 db @ 3400 RPM.

I suppose I was just wondering if we are all equal right across the range of bikes or if there was different ratings for each bike and if they changed over each year of manufacture.




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