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Does anyone else here experience black staining at the rear of the muffler just before the exhaust tip and spotting over the garage floor as a result of exhaust condensation, I have had a couple of loan bikes that do not seem to do it but my 2012 Ness CC seems quite bad ?

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G'day Steve, I have had this as well on my 2013 Jackpot and was going to raise this at my next service.



Thanks Eddie, will be interesting to see what they say, never had it to this degree with any other bike.

Steve, if you are using premium fuel, consider using standard unleaded. I ran premium and had a lot of soot on my Cross Country (Stage 1) and so I thought I would run it on standard.....and the soot reduced significantly. And, to be honest, I think the bike runs better on standard. Remember the maps Vic puts in these bikes are set up in the US and no compensation is made for different fuels in different countries. I would avoid ethanol blends.

On my old Hammer I had the same issue, and changing the Stage 1 filter for a K&N fixed it. Next time I service the filter on the XC I'm going to remove the rubber shroud around the filter and see what that does.

Cheers Andy appreciate the reply, I'll give it a go and see.

Well Andy I am not sure if it is my imagination or not, but initially at least you seem to be spot on, the bike seems to go better and spot less, I would never have thought it. 

get it on the dyno,my hammer 2015 has just been done ,its a nice grey colour,with better fule consumption,also with the o2 sensors,after market pipes,ram tubes into airbox,its fucking flying.....

forgot to mension also has power commander five installed....

Yeah I think I will have to look at doing that, mine is stage one with Power commander as well.



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