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Hey all, I currently have stage 1 Victory crossbow pipes that are A: a bit quiet for my liking and B: they are too long for my liking, reaching back almost passed the rear tyre. Looking for some suggestions for changing or does anyone have something they think is too loud and might want to swap. Otherwise I'll be thinking about removing a baffle….if I was clever enough I'd cut them down shorter too but not sure that's possible. Buying fro the US is out with the $ the way it is. Any thoughts?

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G'day Paul.. Checkout the thread titled aftermarket exhaust.. Do your home work as some can't stand the decel popping that often occurs with aftermarket pipes. I have the same exhaust as you on my highball and cut the baffles in half.. The result was a grouse sounding pipe ( not too loud but plenty loud enough) without any decel pop at all.. If you don't want to tackle the job, take it down to the dealer and let them do it.. Bloody cheap option and you will be happy.. If you pull the baffles out completely you will get decel popping. Either way if you tackle it yourself then you will have to pull the exhsust ends off to bash the baffles out.. They get stuck in pretty hard..


Thanks Muzza, that will probably be the way I go.

No worries..You will be a happy man if you go the cut down baffles.. I was rapt with the result.. I too like shorty pipes but man I love the long look of the x bows more..

Hi Muzza, just wondering about taking the exhaust ends off. I seem to be having a problem getting them off….is it just the two bolts below the rear foot pegs and loosen the clamps at the join area? I tried that and then bashed them with a crowbar and hammer at the bolt frame but no luck….maybe I'm missing something? Cheers…Paul.

Hey Paul, they get stuck in pretty hard. Even a couple of weeks of new.. It may help to pull pull the exhaust off completely.. Where in doubt I would take it down to Vic.. These guys are pulling them off by the dozen and can cut your baffles for you.. They will make sure it seals up properly as well on the re-install.. Even if you give them a call for their t tricks of the trade? I'm sure they will be happy to provide advice..

Thanks Muzza, was thinking I'd have to go to the store I couldn't get them to budge. Appreciate your reply, cheers mate.

No worries Paul and good luck mate.. Let us know how you go man... I'm sure you will be happy with the cut down baffles..



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