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My Vision stalls frequently when coming to a stop after riding for any lengthy period. I have had the bike in the shop several times now and they never seem to resolve the problem. Does or has anyone experienced this problem?? If so did you find a fix?
The bike always starts right back up, but it is a nuisance to come to a stop light and have the bike die. The bike idles great, runs great but wants to die when coming to a stop

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go to the Vision forums there are a couple of threads there about the same issues.
Frank, I reviewed the general. tech and blog pages and could not find any reference to engine stalling issues. Can you be more specific when directing me to check the site?

Frank said:
go to the Vision forums there are a couple of threads there about the same issues.
Earle, have you check There's been plenty of discussion about this.
I had this at first as well. I had the Lloyds VFC installed with the Airintake plate. That helped ALOT. Getting it Dyno Tuned was even better. There also was an exhaust leak on the crossover causing issues. Also check for other exhaust leaks.

Mine runs GREAT now. Make sure your not doing the throttle jockey thing. Bad habit with these motors. Read on Lloyds info.



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