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Hi All, Does anyone else have troubles with the Dunlops in the wet?

I find they seem to be a bit hit and miss with wet grip?

Anyone tried any other tyre brand? How did they go? Am not so interested about getting milage out of them, but rather some comfort knowing they will not light up with a twist of the wrist....

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jason, dumped my 3's for Avons. will never own any other tire again. excellent grip, wet or dry, great in the corners. have been getting terriffic wear off of them too. amazing the immediate difference, noticed it right away

Thank Steven, appreciate the feed backl....


hi jase i was at a tyre place this week and he told me to go metzler front and back bit more exy but worth it he wouldnt even sell me a dunlop for the front he said thay were shit. You can get metzler in two componds soft and touring got told about 460 for back and 185 for front fitted cheers mate.

Jase mine has about 9k on it and same problem!!! Crap in the wet!
It has been like that since the day I got it.
Lucky for me I dont ride in the wet unless I get caught. 
I might try an Avon next as I've heard they are good. 
My mate had a Metzler Marathon on his M109R and he got great mileage. 
He just fitted a Dunlop on his this time and reckons he has better cornering due to the profile. 
He went for the Dunlop this time cause it was $100 cheaper!
Let us know how you go Jase!
Thanks Steve, I think there are a few tyres that run better than the Dunlops, I think it also depends on riding style. I find in the wet between the flatter section to the side of the tyre it feels a little uneasy... Any way stay tuned...

Decided to go for the Avons

Just an FYI, there's a thread on that shows current online prices of Dunlop Elite 3 tires for the States. 

I can put up a second table of Elite 3 prices for other areas if you give them to me.

I am getting ready to buy my third set of Dunlops. I am getting about 11,000 miles on mine. I ride the bike hard and never have trouble with the grip on corners and they ware evenly. Having the correct tire pressure is key to making them last.

Well guys, if the last two days of the Tiger tour are anything to go by, the Avon's are going really well.. Suprised me with so much grip, I managed a wheel stand off the lights.... Lol surprised and amazed a few....

i really like the Elite 3, having worn out 2 of them in the year. I get 12k consistently & just about to put another on. I had a look at these new michellin commander 2. Now these are touted to do 40k (unbelievable) but do not run to the 250 size required for the hammer. They go to 200.

If I had a bike that they would fit, I'd certainly be researching them a bit further. Michy never really turn out junk IMHO.

As for wet, Im not sure, just thought this might help someone as they are new to this niche (ie cruisers)


Just an update on the Avon Tyres - have had them on my Jackpot for just over 3,000 km and the front is going really well !!

As for the back tyre - well, it grips like nothing else but unfortunately its nearly down to the tread wear indicators and I rekon another 1,000 kms will pull it up - and no I have not been doing burn outs and its worn evenly all over, exept for the last 4mm of tread, as bits started rubbing on the ground... I managed to send an email off to Avon Europe and this is their reply;

"We are currently working on improving the mileage of this tyre. Unfortunately as you're in Australia, it will take approx. 3-6 months before you see the improved tyres."
> Regards
> Ash Vowles
> Motorcycle Design Engineer
> Tel - 01225 357220
> Mob – 07770 833407


I really was not expecting a reply - but was pleasantly surprised that it came back within 4 hours - Good on Ya Avon for knowing what customer service is all about.



the best way to get even kilometers on the both tyres is to keep them BOTH on the road.



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