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Hi All, Does anyone else have troubles with the Dunlops in the wet?

I find they seem to be a bit hit and miss with wet grip?

Anyone tried any other tyre brand? How did they go? Am not so interested about getting milage out of them, but rather some comfort knowing they will not light up with a twist of the wrist....

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maybe the front tyres mileage was due to the fact that it is not touching the ground........

Only 3 thou, must be working too hard Jase, just changed my rear tyre for the 2nd time (14,000kms). You gotta get out more man.

This was Jas `s second tyre WEBBY ! About to fit my 4th tyre 28,000 just wondering what the fuk to buy ! Not a Dunlop had 3 & sure theres lots better out there !

Hi Leon, what are you on, & how wide is your back tyre?

I put a metzeler on the rear of the hammer, only done 2000km on it but I'm very happy with performance especially on the wet roads, (which we've had a fair bit of lately) much better than the standard Dunlop

Got to say I have found the same thing. In the dry my dunlops are good but riding in the wet the back end is always stepping out. I ride a hammer s.


Sorry guys, but I still think the E-3's are good tires.  I got 12000 miles, out of the rear and 19000 miles on the front and put E-3s back on.  I ride  in the rain ALOT, and never had a problem  The differnce could be that my tire is a 160, not a 250.

I am on my second set E 3's for the Cross Country and have done 31000km, no problems with the tyres even in the wet. I ride with 38psi in front and 41psi in rear 

might help if the tyre is put on the right way.........

Need it on backwards to allow you to keep up... Lol

Had the same experience when cornering in the wet,made the rear suspension a bit tighter and it was a big improvement,of cause it will still slide if you get to excited with the throttle.

             Peter Bolding

theres never been a tyre good in the wet, probably never will(simple physics really, wet = reduced friction), just some a bit better than others but those stock tyres on my highball I ride with trepidation, frightening but in the dry find em fine, a hot day is always better of course



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