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Hi All, Does anyone else have troubles with the Dunlops in the wet?

I find they seem to be a bit hit and miss with wet grip?

Anyone tried any other tyre brand? How did they go? Am not so interested about getting milage out of them, but rather some comfort knowing they will not light up with a twist of the wrist....

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i've gone for a 260 wide Metzler rear tyre. It goes alright, but seems to be wearing out a bit quicker than the Dunlop as it's a little softer
Thanks Paul, have been looking on the Net to see what other brands fit the tyre size, not really many choices... but will continue the search, have a bit left on this one..
I like the Dunlop Elite 3 I have on my 02 V92 CD.  I travel alot, and get caught in the rain alot, and never noticed any problems until recently now that the tire is worn out.  I have over 10,000 miles on it and plan on getting another one.  It is more money than others I have looked at but it last a while, so to me it is worth it.  Good luck and safe riding, Rick.

Thanks Rick for your reply, and man you are getting some mileage out of them... I have just over 5,500 km and probably a bit over half worn... will see how they go for the next few thousand Km....



Jase your poor mileage might be due to the circle

But it looks good...

I reckon your right Matt !! haha
Was not talking about dry grip....... The un steady feeling in the wet...

I have a great tyer here for you its a 10" micky tompson


Mine has worn unevenly on the side walls and makes a moaning sound when cornering. I have heard of others having the same problem and I have wondered if a tyre worn like mine would have less grip. It is the original dunlop elite E3 fitted to visions. I have 1,2000 klms on it. Be interesting to see if it is suggested to be replaced at its next service next week. I am not a hard rider, more a touring rider.

I've had 2 sets of E3 and just moved to the Metzler ME880 and can't believe the difference in the ME880.  Solid grip, confident in the twisties and love these tires.  Will never go back to the E3s. 

That is interesting ! I have a few more miles before its worn out, will look at the Metzlers as an option. Seems Pirellii don't make tyres in the 250 range.
Thanks for the feed back and information.


Hi Lads, I agree with Jason and have not longed fitted Dunlop E3 to my 2010 Cross Country - I too find it a bit of a hit and miss in the wet - but then it just could be the various types (grades) of bitumen and patch work on the roads here in Aus. I will keep in mind the Metzler ME 880 next time round - not much choice I believe; I too had trouble getting Pirelli tyres.



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