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Guys I've been using the D207 180/55 ZR 18 on the rear since replacing the original D417. after 3 rear tyres, all D207, I seem to be only getting an average of 9,000kms. The D417 was replaced at 16,000kms. This is a big let down. 

Let me say that I average 18 to 20 Kms/Lt so it's not due to constant hard riding. But also i'll say that those that ride with me know I scrape the mufflers on the pin when I'm having fun. 

I have a trailer that is not used all the time. A lot of people see the Trowing Hitch and say that's the problem. It can't be. 

I run 38psi in the front (i'm on my 2nd front due to a Bolt in the front) and 43psi in the back.

I've just come back from Phillip Island for this years MotoGP. I put the new trye on the 15th Sept at 34,947km and now need to replace it at 43,400kms.

Does anyone have a better trye for longer life. I also want the grip if not better as I run with the Sports tourers and give them hell.

I under stand that the original D417 is no longer available in Australia.  

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