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Hi all,

I've been a HD owner for several years now and am getting tired of so many things rattling loose on my Harleys. I wanted to know from owners, do Victory bikes suffer from the same problem. Is it just a big VTwin thing?

Looking forward to the Sydney Australia store opening to see what the bikes look and feel like in real.

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All bikes have what I call mechanical clatter and I bought a vision after testing a harley ultra 103 ci. and some other bikes. I couldn't believe the shaking at idle the harley had and I expected it to smooth out at some stage in the rev range but it didn't enough to satisfy me. 

As with all bikes it pays to check as many nuts and bolts yourself when you get it just in case one or two are loose and it helps get familiar with the new machine.

We went on the 1000 K trip from Melbourne to Sydney along with 60 other victory bikes and there was no mechanical problems or nothing rattled off on any bike as far as I know. All riders arrived in pretty good shape as well. 

After my first 3000 mile trip on my Vision, I arrived home and jumped on my Streetglide to ride up the highwat for a bit. I caught myself with thoughts running thru my head...what an uncomfortable, vibrating, noisy, archaic piece of machinery this is and decided I didn't want to ride this beast any more, so I sold it. 

maybe this will tell you why harley rattles. I sold my new harley street glide with 2000 on it and bought a vision. Will never go back.

YouTube - Victory vs. Harley - Segment 1

"Will never go back."


Lost count of how many times I've said that to friends.

Re-edit: Just realised the date of that above post, oh well.



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